The Historic Mission of Jesus

By C.J. Cadoux

A scholarly presentation of the biblical evidence bearing on Christ’s conception of the Kingdom of God and of His own mission in relation to it.

ISBN: 9780227170625


First published in 1941, this classic work of theology is a volume of immense knowledge, scholarship and patience. As a summary, but detailed, illustration of method and outlook, it is a model of lucid and orderly presentation. The author presents the Synoptic evidence on Jesus’ conception of the Kingdom of God and of His own mission in relation to it, and discusses its significance with special reference to His eschatological views. Cadoux holds that the teaching of Jesus contains elements incompatible with beliefs widely recognised as indisputably true, and works to bring out Jesus’ own understanding of His message.

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About the Author

Cecil John Cadoux was Vice-Principal of Mansfield College Oxford, and Mackennal Professor of Church History.



Part One: The Bringer of the Kingdom of God
I. The Son of God
II. The Loving and Intimate Servant of God
III. The Friend of Sufferers and Sinners
IV. The Messiah of Israel
V. The Conqueror of Satan
VI. The Rightful Lord of Men
VII. The Son of David
VIII. The Son of Man

Part Two: The Nature and Presence of the Kingdom of God
I. The Meaning of “The Kingdom of God”
II. The New Way of Life
III. The Kingdom Already Present
IV. The Kingdom for the Jews
V. The Kingdom for the Gentiles
VI. The Political Significance of the Kingdom
VII. The Priceless Value of the Kingdom

Part Three: The Future of the Kingdom of as First Envisaged
I. Jesus’ Initial Expectations of Success
II. The Future Coming of the Kingdom
III. Rewards and Punishments in General
IV. Rewards and Punishments in the Life After Death
V. Rewards and Punishments in the Coming Age

Part Four: The Future of the Kingdom of as Last Envisaged
I. The Cross Foreseen, Accepted, and Explained
II. The Roman Invasion and Conquest
III. The Return of the Son of Man
IV. The Disciples in the Interval
V. The Consummation