Grace in Christianity and Hinduism

By Sabapathy Kulandran

A valuable contribution to comparative religion in which Bishop Kulandran discusses similarities and differences of belief and practice in the two faiths.

ISBN: 9780227172360


It is often said that the real confrontation between Christianity and the great religions of the world is only just beginning. Bishop Kulandran’s book on the pivotal religious doctrine of Grace marks the first stage in the new encounter between Christianity and Hinduism.

The result of considerable research and theological reflection, Bishop Kulandran’s book is an objective and scholarly appraisal of Christianity and Hinduism, their similarities and differences, and of the two different worlds in which they move. Hinduism’s uncertainty about the character of God and Christianity’s dogmatic certainty are examined in detail. The sense of man’s need of God’s grace in Christianity, and Hinduism’s rejection of any act of reconciliation are seen by Bishop Kulandran as central to the dialogue between the two religions.

As Dr. Hendrik Kraemer says in the foreword, Bishop Kulandran’s book “is animated by the desire for fair presentation and understanding and is a new and important contribution to the subject and not merely a repetition of what has often been said before”. The author belonged by birth and experience to the Indian world and as a Bishop of the Church of South India knew the power as well as the limitations of the Christian mission in the world of Hinduism.

This scholarly work is a valuable contribution to comparative religion and is an illuminating exploration of two of the world’s most important religions.

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About the Author

Bishop Sabapathy Kulandran was the Bishop of the Jaffna Diocese in Sri Lanka of the Church of South India. He was a Doctor of Divinity of Serampore University.


Foreword by Dr Hendrik Kraemer

1. The Perspective

Section One
2. Grace in the New Testament
3. Augustine
4. Luther

Section Two
5. The Rise of Hindu Theism
6. Vaishnavism
7. Saivism

Section Three
8. An Assessment
9. Special Points of Convergence