A Double Vision Hermeneutic: Interpreting a Chinese Pastor’s Intersubjective Experience of Shi Engaging Yìzhuàn and Pauline Texts

By Samuel Hio-Kee Ooi

A subtle and multi-faceted exploration of the Chinese Christian experience through the author’s creative engagement with key Chinese and Christian texts.

ISBN: 9780227174821


A Double Vision Hermeneutic unfolds the multilayered intersubjective experience of the author himself, a Chinese pastor. Samuel Hio-Kee Ooi argues for a cultural-linguistic experience of shì – an ancient Chinese word implying not only power but also used to mean a situation, a circumstance, a tendency, and a tension that is about to be triggered – as the locus at which the intersubjective experience takes place. To unfold this experience, the author identifies five key texts that are found in his intersubjective experience: Text A1: Shì, an intertext of traditional Chinese works featuring shì; Text A2: Yìzhuàn, a metaphysical Confucian book of appendices; Text B1: Pauline notion of principalities and powers; Text B2: Pauline Texts I and II: Galatians and 1 Corinthians; and Text 0: Ooi’s initial or seminal experience of shì.

In dialogue with Michael Polanyi and Hans-Georg Gadamer, Ooi proposes that a double vision hermeneutic will help interpret the multilayered intersubjective relationships between texts and the subject. He argues that study of this intersubjective experience reveals a vital facet of the Chinese Christian self, and significantly enhances the study of Chinese theology.

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Samuel Hio-Kee Ooi is a pastor at Hong Kong Baptist Church. He has taught at Sabah Theological Seminary, Malaysia, and Lutheran Theological Seminary, Hong Kong.


Lists of Abbreviations
Editorial Conventions, Use of Sources, and Research Matters


1. Surveying Chinese Indigenous Theological Approaches
2. Constructing a Double Vision Hermeneutic
3. Text A1: Shì as a Cultural-Linguistic and Traditionary Text
4. Interpreting Text A1: Shì with Text A2: Yìzhuàn
5. Text B1: Principalities and Powers: A Survey on Contemporary Discourse
6. Power in Text B2: Pauline Text I: Galatians
7. Power in Text B2: Pauline Text II: Corinthians
8. The Double Vision Hermeneutics of a Chinese Pastor’s Intersubjective Experience
     of Shì Engaging Yìzhuàn and Pauline Texts

Appendix I: 64 Hexagrams
Appendix II: English Names of 64 Hexagrams

Glossary of Chinese Expressions
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A Double Vision Hermeneutic demonstrates Dr Samuel Hio-Kee Ooi’s bold hermeneutical attempt to fuse two texts (Chinese classic, Yizhuán, and Judeo-Christian, Galatians and 1 Corinthians) in order to expound the being and experience of a Chinese Christian. The consequences of Dr Ooi’s labour will go beyond a personal soul-searching journey; it opens up a horizon of conversation for those who are called to appropriate intersubjectivity to better understand beings and experiences.
Poling Sun, Principal of Baptist Theological Seminary, Singapore