Conception, Reception, and the Spirit: Essays in Honour of Andrew T. Lincoln

By J. Gordon McConville and Lloyd K. Pietersen (editors)

A Festschrift for the British New Testament scholar Andrew T. Lincoln, elaborating on his major interests, such as the reception of biblical texts.

ISBN: 9780227175996


A number of distinguished biblical scholars and theologians come together in this volume to honour the work of Andrew T. Lincoln. Conception, Reception, and the Spirit reflects Andrew Lincoln’s lifelong interest in Christian origins, the reception of biblical texts in believing and scholarly communities, and the embodiment of the Gospel in believing communities made possible by the Spirit. Here, scholars converse with Lincoln’s work, engaging with his monographs, Born of a Virgin? and Truth on Trial.

These essays examine a wide range of topics such as N.T. Wright’s exploration of demonic politics in John and the significance of wine to the Holy Spirit in Ephesians by Lloyd K. Pietersen. These theological interpretations go so far as to question the foundations that make New Testament theology what it is today, with experts like Loveday Alexander and John Goldingay confronting sexuality, spirituality, ethics and memory in Lincoln’s work with sensitivity and nuance.

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About the Author

J. Gordon McConville is Professor of Old Testament Theology at the University of Gloucestershire. He is the author of several books, including God and Earthly Power.

Lloyd K. Pietersen is Visiting Research Fellow at Newman University and author of The Polemic of the Pastorals.



     J. Gordon McConville and Lloyd K. Pietersen

Part I: Exegesis
1. Figures in Isaiah 7:14
      J.G. McConville
2. Rival Group Identities in the Matthean Gospel: Evidence from Matthew 1-2 and 23
     Philip F. Esler
3. Let John be John (2)
     James D.G. Dunn
4. Worlds of Judgment: John 9
     L. Ann Jervis
5. Another Look at “Lifting Up” in the Gospel of John
     Catrin H. Williams
6. John, Jesus, and “The Ruler of This World”: Demonic Politics in the Fourth Gospel?
     N.T. Wright, with J.P. Davies
7. Land, Idolatry, and Justice in Romans
     Sylvia C. Keesmaat
8. A New Translation of Philippians 2:5 and Its Significance for Paul’s Theology and Spirituality
     Michael J. Gorman
9. Wine, Debauchery, and the Spirit (Ephesians 5:18-19)
     Lloyd K. Pietersen
10. The Metaphor of the Face in Paul
     Stephen C. Barton

Part II: Theological Interpretation
11. Born of a Virgin? The Conversation Continues
     David R. Catchpole
12. Historical Criticism, Theological Interpretation, and the Ends of the Christian Life
     Stephen Fowl
13. What Makes New Testament Theology “Theology”?
     Robert Morgan
14. Who and What is Theological Interpretation For?
     Angus Paddison
15. The Use of the Old Testament in the Work and Preaching of F.W. Robertson of Brighton
     John W. Rogerson
16. ὑπὸ πνεύματος ἁγίου Φερόμενοι ἐλάλησαν ἀπὸ θεοῦ ἄνθρωποι: On the Inspiration of Holy Scripture
     John Webster

Part III: Theology and Embodiment
17. Good Sex, Bad Sex: Reflections on Sexuality and the Bible
     Loveday Alexander
18. Spirituality, Ethics, and Memory
     John Goldingay
19. Pacing the Cage: Biblical Resonance and Embodied Testimony
     Brian J. Walsh

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Endorsements and Reviews

All the essays in this fine collection pick up and develop ideas inspired by Andrew Lincoln’s extensive work, and comprise sensitive exegetical studies, reflective theological interpretation, and embodied theology. The sheer range of topics, not to mention the calibre of contributors, make this a fitting tribute to one of the most highly esteemed New Testament scholars of his generation.
Helen K. Bond, Director of the Centre for Christian Origins, Senior Lecturer in New Testament, School of Divinity, New College, Edinburgh

Two score of leading scholars have banded together to create a gift of essays to honour Professor Lincoln … The breadth and range of the book is one of its virtues (matching the virtues of its dedicatee). The essays are vintage quality by leading scholars.
Jane Heath, in Journal for the Study of The New Testament: Booklist 2017, Vol 39, No 5

This is a valuable collection of essays on a wide range of important topics and will be of value to scholars, students and those involved in church debates.
Gordon Kennedy, in The Expository Times, Vol 129, No 5

… consistently well written. … Conception, Reception, and the Spirit is a fitting honor to Andrew T. Lincoln, and well worth reading.
Jeffrey M. Tripp, in Reviews in Religion and Theology, Vol 25, Issue 1