Communion in the Messiah: Studies in the Relationship between Judaism and Christianity

By Lev Gillet

This challenging book with two main themes: the substitution of dialogue for the ‘mission to the Jews’, and the communion of Jews and Christians in the Messiah.

ISBN: 9780227172261


Without compromising the Christian position, Gillet sets out to show how much Christians have to learn from Jews before they can hope to communicate their own faith that Jesus is the Christ.

After a historical analysis of the intellectual relations between Christianity and Judaism, the author eruditely draws out the common elements of the two traditions, challenging and correcting misconceptions about Rabbinism and Jewish life and teaching generally, misconceptions which overlook the two millennia of Jewish thought between the Old Testament and modern times. He shows how close is this connection, and how deeply spiritual is much of Jewish theology.

There is, he claims, nothing in Jewish belief that a Jew become Christian ought to reject, while Christianity is the completion and fulfilment of Judaism.

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About the Author

Lev Gillet was educated at Woodbrooke, Selly Oak and was later a lecturer at the Selly Oak Colleges (Birmingham). He was a priest of the Russian Orthodox Church.


Author’s Preface
Bibliographical Note

1. “Dialogue with Trypho”
Polemics and Dialog – Jesus and the Pharisees – Paul and Judaism – Judaeo-Christianity – Judaism and Christianity in Patristic Times – Judaism and Christianity in the Middle Ages – Renaissance and Reformation: Their Relation to Judaism – Judaism and Christianity in the 17th Century – The Period of Emancipation: Liberal Judaism – “Convergent Scholarship” – Attitude of Modern Judaism Towards Jesus.

2. The Permanent Values of Jewish Tradition
Tradition in Judaism – The Jewish Fathers – Scriptural Tradition – Legal or Talmudic Tradition – Mystical Tradition.

3. Judaism and the Christian Creed
Judaism, Hellenism, Christianity – Christianity and Jewish Monotheism – The Word and the Son – The Shenikah – The Holy Spirit – The Atonement – Elements Common to Judaism and Christianity.

4. The Messianic Hope
Jewish and Christian Messianism – Messianism and Existential Thinking – Messianism and Society.

5. The Jewish Life of Grace and its Relation to Christianity
Jewish Worship – From the Inner Life of the Jewish Believer – Hasidism.

6. Christianity and the Earthly Problems of Israel
Christian Attitude Towards Jewish Diaspora – Christian Attitude Towards Zionism.

7. Israel and the Mission
Christian Missions to Jews – Mission of the Christian Church to Israel – Mission of Israel to the Christian Church – Communion in the Messiah and the Ecclesiatical Communities, Jewish and Christian – The Idea of a Jewish Christianity.

8. Conclusion: The Mystery of Israel

Special Notes