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50th Edition

Edited by Iain Walker

Book and CD-ROM

Now Available

Continuously published since 1897, The Libraries Directory remains the most comprehensive and authoritative directory of the British and Irish library world.

The new edition represents a 10% increase in coverage compared with the previous edition, and now includes over 4,100 entries (8,400 including branch libraries).

A complete reference library
at your fingertips...

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Both a detailed work of reference and fully-featured marketing tool, The Libraries Directory provides in-depth entries for libraries, archives and related institutions thoughout the UK and Ireland. Categories covered include:

Legal Deposit Libraries
Public Libraries
Archives and Local Studies Libraries
Special and Academic Libraries
Library and Information Organisations

The wealth of detail in each entry includes:

Full Contact Details
Access and Opening Hours
Subjects Covered
Special Collections
Facilities and Equipment
Stock and Acquisitions

For more information, including extracts and sample pages, click on the links above or visit the Libraries Directory Online Guide.

Reference Version - Book and CD-ROM

This version is an indispensable guide for library users and librarians, as well as being the ideal tool for researchers seeking specialised library information. Features of the CD-ROM include:

Hypertext Navigation - click on the links to move from page to page.
Browsable Indexes - browse and search eight extensive indexes.
Advanced Search Facilities - create and save detailed searches.
Printing Facilities - print out pages for easy reference.
Bookmarks - bookmark pages so that you can find them again quickly.
Links to Library Web Sites - click on the web address to open your web browser.
Email Facilities - click on the email address to email the library.
Online Guide - single-click access to the Online Guide on this website.

The book retains the same user-friendly layout developed in recent editions, including the use of pictorial icons that allow you to distinguish the type of each library or institution at a glance. The book also contains an index with nearly 16,000 indexed terms, covering not just library and organisation names, but also subjects covered and special collections held.

For more information about the book and the CD-ROM, click on the links above, or visit the Libraries Directory Online Guide.

Marketing Version - Book and CD-ROM

An essential resource for all those who sell to libraries. The CD-ROM includes all the features of the Reference Version, plus:

Mailing Lists - create, save and edit mailing lists based on the Directory's entries.
Address Labels - print out address labels from your mailing lists.
Custom Labels - create your own customised label types, or modify pre-set labels.
Mail Merges - create and print personalised letters from your mailing lists.
Export as PDF - address labels and mail merges can be printed as PDF files.
Email Mail Merges - create and send personalised emails from your mailing lists.

For more information about the book and the CD-ROM, click on the links above, or visit the Libraries Directory Online Guide.

Publication Details

Both versions may be purchased with Single User or Network licenses.

Reference Version (Single User) Marketing Version (Single User)
ISBN: 9780227172483 ISBN: 9780227172490
Price: 250 Price: 395
Reference Version (Network) Marketing Version (Network)
ISBN: 9780227172506 ISBN: 9780227172513
Price: 395 Price: 570

The 50th Edition of The Libraries Directory is now available to order.

Ordering Your Copy
Download the Leaflet and Order Form for the Reference Version (PDF file, 245 kB)
Download the Leaflet and Order Form for the Marketing Version (PDF file, 242 kB)

For further information or to place an order directly please contact our Sales and Publicity Department, at:

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Reviews for Previous Editions

"The Directory is unsurpassed in its wealth of detail on British Libraries and could well be the starting point for those wishing to access these libraries and their services."
The Australian Library Journal

"A consistent and concise format throughout. ... The combined index (to libraries, subjects, and collections) exemplifies the Directory's thoroughness and accuracy generally. An editorial preface provides a succinct overview of recent developments in libraries and information."
ACU Bulletin of Current Documentation


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