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Religion in the Victorian Era

By Leonard Elliott-Binns

Religion in the Victorian Era

Religion in the Victorian Era

By Leonard Elliott-Binns

A wide-ranging and comprehensive history of religion in Victorian England.

Series: Library of Ecclesiastical History
Trade Information: JPOD
Available as: Hardback, Paperback

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Print Hardback

ISBN: 9780227170748

Specifications: 216x140mm (8.5x5.5in), 532pp

Published: February 2003


Print Paperback

ISBN: 9780227170731

Specifications: 216x140mm (8.5x5.5in), 528pp

Published: February 2003


A comprehensive history of religion in England during the Victorian era, covering such topics as religion and science, religion and history, social problems, the press, literature and art, worship, new critical methods, federation and reunion.

The first thirty years of the nineteenth century are treated very briefly, so that the emphasis of the volume is upon the events of the Victoria's reign. Later chapters cover particular topics and issues, showing both the relationship between the churches and the society in which they existed and also major movements within the churches.


1. The Pre-Victorian Era: Political Conditions
2. The Pre-Victorian Era: The Condition of Religion
3. The Early Years of Victoria
4. Education to 1843
5. The Oxford Movement to 1845
6. The Roman Church in England
7. The Development of Thought to 1870
8. Religion and Science
9. Religion and History
10. The Middle Years
11. The Revival and Deepening of Religion
12. The Oxford Movement: The Second Phase
13. Social Problems
14. The Development of Thought from 1870
15. The Cambridge School
16. Education from 1843
17. The Press
18. Literature and Art
19. Worship
20. The Call of the World
21. Social Changes
22. New Methods
23. The Ministry
24. Reunion and Federation
25. The End of an Epoch


Reverend Leonard Elliott Elliott-Binns was educated at Manchester Grammar School, Emmanuel College and Ridley College (Cambridge). He worked as chaplain (Ridley Hall), curate (Plymouth), vicar (Plymouth, Davenport, West Ham), dean (West Ham) and also as canon (Truro).

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