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Boundless Grandeur:

The Christian Vision of A.M. "Donald" Allchin

By David G.R. Keller (editor)

Boundless Grandeur

Boundless Grandeur:

The Christian Vision of A.M. "Donald" Allchin

By David G.R. Keller (editor)

Essays, memories and poems celebrating the Anglican theologian Donald Allchin, including his ecumenical work and his passion for the monastic tradition.

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Print Paperback

ISBN: 9780227175811

Specifications: 229x153mm (9x6in), 240pp

Published: December 2015


PDF eBook

ISBN: 9780227905395

Specifications: 231pp

Published: December 2015

Donald Allchin was an ordained priest in the Church of England, a historian, ecumenist, and contemplative theologian. The essays, poems, and memoires in this book represent what his Christian vision has brought forth in the lives of the contributors. You will meet poets, historians, bishops, archbishops, monks, priests, lay persons, and scholars. You will taste the rich ecumenical dialogue between Donald's Anglican heritage, Eastern Orthodox Churches, the Roman Catholic Church, and churches of the Reformed Traditions, including Donald's friendships and correspondence with Thomas Merton and the Romanian Orthodox theologian Dumitru Staniloae. Readers will gain insights into Donald's interpretation of the Anglican Tradition and his emphasis on the value of monastic solitude and community for the lives of modern Christians. You will enter Donald's journey into the lives, poetry, saints, and holy places of the Welsh spiritual tradition. And this is only a taste of his legacy. In Donald's own words, "the things which belong to the story of Jesus are not yet completed".

Editor's Note
Foreword by Rowan Williams
Editor's Acknowledgements
List of Contributors

     Kallistos Ware, Metropolitan of Diokleia
Give them some poetry: i.m. Donald Allchin
     David Scott

Part One: Donald Allchin's Life
1. Arthur Macdonald Allchin (1930–2010): A Personal Tribute
     Barry A. Orford
2. In His Face Was Prayer: Reflections on a Friendship with Donald Allchin
     The Reverend Canon James Coutts
3. Homage & Gift: Intercession with Donald in the Communion of Saints
     The Rev. Canon James Coutts and Dr. Esther de Waal

Part Two: Donald Allchin and the Orthodox Church
4. Father Donald and the Orthodox Church
     Kallistos Ware, Metropolitan of Diokleia
5. An Icon of True Communion: The Dialogue and Friendship of Father Donald Allchin and Father Dumitru Staniloae
     Reverend Dr. Ciprian Burca

Part Three: Donald Allchin's Ecumenical Dialogue and Theology
6. Enlarge My Heart: Donald Allchin and the Exploration of Christian Traditions
     Geoffrey Rowell
7. "Merton was and has been terribly, terribly important for me": The Relationship between Donald Allchin and Thomas Merton
     Fiona Gardner

Part Four: Donald Allchin as Interpreter of Anglican Tradition and Theology
8. The Dialogue of the Spirit: Interpreting the Anglican Tradition
     The Rev. Dr. Charles Miller
9. Participation in God: Donald Allchin's Understanding of the Mystery of the Life of God in Humankind
     David G. R. Keller
10. Solitude and Communion: Donald Allchin as Interpreter of the Monastic Vocation and the Mystery of Personhood
     Martin L. Smith

Part Five: Donald Allchin and the Welsh Spiritual Tradition
11. A Poet's Perspective on Donald Allchin's Prayerful Approach to Poetry
     Ruth Bidgood
12. Donald Allchin and the Welsh tradition
     Professor D. Densil Morgan
13. Donald Allchin, Welsh Holy Places, and The Saint From Dolwar Fach
     The Rev. Dr. Patrick Thomas

All Things Shout "Glory" – An Interview with Donald Allchin: Part One of Three, July 11, 2007
All Things Shout "Glory" – An Interview with Donald Allchin: Part Two of Three, July 12, 2007
All Things Shout "Glory" – An Interview with Donald Allchin: Part Three of Three, July 13, 2007


David G.R. Keller is Director of the Contemplative Ministry Project and formerly an Adjunct Professor of Ascetical Theology at The General Theological Seminary in New York. He is the author of Oasis of Wisdom: The Worlds of the Desert Mothers and Fathers, Come and See: The Transformation of Personal Prayer, and Desert Banquet: A Year of Wisdom from The Desert Mothers and Fathers.

This book captures in so many ways the personality, spirituality, and breadth of interests of Donald Allchin ... I know of no one else ... who could write with such profundity about such a range of subjects such as Ann Griffiths the Welsh hymn writer, Celtic spirituality, Eastern Orthodox theology, and the Danish theologian N.F.S. Grundtvig. In doing so, he was able to expound their importance and insights to those who belonged to those traditions, enabling them to appreciate them afresh through his eyes. Most Rev. Barry Morgan, Archbishop of Wales
Keller has managed to gather between the covers of his excellent book the spirit of Donald's warm humanity and rich spirituality, best seen in his writings and in the contributions of his wide and valued circle of friends. We and the church owe him a great debt of gratitude. Esther De Waal, historian, author, lecturer
For those unfamiliar with Allchin's work, this book will undoubtedly whet the appetite to read more. The book is infused with a sense of joy... as well as expressing an appreciation of the quality of his mind. Julie Gittoes, in Ecclesiology, Vol 13, 387-421
This volume will be attractive to those who knew Donald Allchin, and is an excellent introduction to those who would like to know him better. Frederick Quinn, in Anglican & Episcopal History, Vol 86, No 1