Reformation Writings of Martin Luther: Volume II: The Spirit of the Protestant Reformation

By Martin Luther

Volume II of a two-volume translation of the major texts produced by Luther, from the Wittenberg disputation of 1517 to the Diet of Worms in 1521.

ISBN: 9780227171707


A two-volume translation of the major texts produced by Luther in the critical years of the Reformation.

Volume II: The Spirit of the Protestant Reformation
In this second volume of the Reformation Writings of Martin Luther there are two focal points of interest – the dramatic event at Worms, 1521, as seen in contemporary accounts as well as mirrored in Luther’s own writings, and Luther the pastor, at pains to build up simple folk in the Christian faith and life.

Luther’s immense Biblical understanding as shown in his Prefaces to the Psalms and the New Testament, and his exposition of the Church’s worship contained in the Preface to the Lord’s Supper and Order of Service, provide a luminous insight into Luther’s mind and purpose. The volume is very aptly sub-titled The Spirit of the Reformation. As with Volume I, Bertram Lee-Woolf’s translation brings to life the writer, his thoughts, and his times.

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Martin Luther (1483-1546) was a German priest and theologian whose intellectual revolt against certain practices of the Church led to the Reformation. He is regarded as the primary founder of Protestant Christianity, and as one of the pivotal figures of Western civilisation.

Bertram Lee-Woolf was educated at the Universities of Edinburgh, Halle, Marburg and Berlin and at the United Independent College, Bradford. He was Lecturer and Professor at New College, London and Extension Lecturer at the University of London and Oxford.



1. Fourteen Comforts for the Weary and Heavy Laden
2. Why the Books of the Pope and His Followers were Burned
3. A Word to Penitents about the Forbidden Books
4. Three Sermons Preached after the Summons to Worms
5. Luther at Worms
6. The Magnificat Translated and Expounded
7. Selected Biblical Prefaces
8. The Lord’s Supper and Order of Service

Index of Scripture References and Allusions
Index of Personal Names
Index of Subjects