The Planting of Christianity in Africa: Volume III: 1878-1914

By Charles Pelham Groves

Volume III of a comprehensive narrative history of the various attempts to plant and develop Christianity in Africa from early times to the 20th century.

ISBN: 9780227170823


A great four-volume history presenting in comprehensive perspective, within the limits of a single narrative, the various attempts to plant and develop Christianity in Africa. The method of presentation is chronological rather than regional, taking the whole story forward stage by stage rather than dealing completely with one region at a time. As Groves shows in his continental survey, Christianity is now in the midst of its third great attempt to occupy Africa.

Volume III (1878-1914) continues the account of the European penetration into Africa and describes the effect of the ‘scramble for Africa’ on the work of the various Christian missions and the growth of the Christian Churches.

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About the Author

Dr Charles Pelham Groves was Professor of Missions at the Selly Oak Colleges, Birmingham. He served in Eastern Nigeria as a missionary for thirteen years and was President of the Society for African Church History.


Prefatory Note

Part I: Political Kalaidoscope: 1878-1896
1. Staking Europe’s Claims
2. Repercussions on Missions: (A) In German Colonies
3. Repercussions on Missions: (B) In French and British Spheres
4. Movement into Central Africa
5. Progress and Problems on the Perimeter

Part II: Under the New Order: 1896-1914
6. Acceleration of Advance
7. Obstacles and Delays
8. The Day of Promise