Mystical Element of Religion: Volume II

By Friedrich von Hügel

Volume II of the classic study of spirituality and mysticism in the Western religious tradition, focussing on the life of Catherine of Genoa.

ISBN: 9780227172629


Friedrich von Hügel’s Mystical Element of Religion remains the authoritative study of the spirituality of Catherine of Genoa. First published in 1908, this seminal work develops the author’s major theory of the three basic elements of religion, institutional, intellectual and mystical.

Von Hügel shows how Catherine’s mysticism relates to her life and thought, making his comprehensive and masterly two-volume analysis a classic in the study of Western mysticism.

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About the Author

Baron Friedrich von Huegel was an influential Roman Catholic lay philosopher and writer. He was born in Florence, Italy, in 1852 and moved fifteen years later with his family to England where he remained for the rest of his life. He never held an academic post nor did he ever earn a university degree. However, he is often mentioned alongside John Henry Newman as one of the most influential Catholic thinkers of his day.


Part III: Critical
IX. Psycho-physical and Temperamental Questions
X. The Main Literary Sources of Catherine’s Conceptions
XI. Chapter XI. — Catherine’s Less Ultimate This-World Doctrines
XII. The After-Life Problems and Doctrines
XIII. The First Three Ultimate Questions
XIV. The Two Final Problems: Mysticism and Pantheism. The Immanence of God, and Spiritual Personality, Human and Divine
XV. Summing-up of the Whole Book. Back through Asceticism, Social Religion, and the Scientific Habit of Mind, to the Mystical Element of Religion



Endorsements and Reviews

Indispensable. The best work in mysticism in the English language.
Evelyn Underhill

An event of prime importance to a wide circle of students of religious phenomena.
The Birmingham Post