The Eucharistic Memorial: Part II: The New Testament

By Max Thurian

Volume II of an essay in liturgical theology, exploring the scriptural background to the liturgy of the Eucharist, with a focus on the New Testament.

ISBN: 9780227170328


“This book is an essay in liturgical theology,” writes Max Thurian, “It is in fact a study in biblical theology which seeks to provide a firm basis for the eucharistic liturgy in the great Judaeo-Christian tradition represented by the Scriptures.” From the insights which came to him within the Brotherhood of Taizé in France, Max Thurian believes that the real presence of Christ must be studied within the ‘liturgical action’ and not isolated as a separate theological problem. In the Reformed tradition of Taizé he turns, therefore, to a study of the Scriptures and opens the Scriptural meaning of the Eucharistic memorial as seen in the Old and New Testaments.

Volume II deals with the New Testament background.

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About the Author

Max Thurian was sub-prior of the Taizé Community, the first monastic community for men founded in the Churches of the Reformed or Lutheran tradition, and was editor of the theological review Verbum Caro.

He is also the translator of Mary: Mother of the Lord, Figure of the Church (1963, 1985), Our Faith: Basic Christian Belief (1982), Priesthood and Ministry: Ecumenical Research (1983), The Mystery of the Eucharist: An Ecumenical Approach (1983) and Confession (1985).


I. The Memorial in the New Testament
     The Memorial of Sin to obtain Forgiveness
     The Memorial of Prayer and Charity
     The Memorial of the Saints
     “Making Remembrance”

II. The Words of Christ at the Last Supper
     The Anamnesis of the Mysteries
     The Blessing of the Elements
     The Breaking of the Bread
     The Separation of the Elements
     The Blood of the Covenant
     The Remission of Sins
     The Present Reality of the Sacrifice
     The Proclamation of the Cross
     The Eschatological Entreaty

III. The Eucharistic Sacrifice
     The Sacrament of the Sacrifice
     The Presentation of the Sacrifice
     The Sacrifice of Thanksgiving
     The Sacrifice of Intercession
     The Eucharistic Sacrifice and Justification by Faith
     The Heavenly Intercession
     The Church’s Offering

IV. The Real Presence
     The Calvinistic Doctrine of the Real Presence
     Theses concerning the Real Presence