Dogmatics: Volume II: The Christian Doctrine of Creation and Redemption

By Emil Brunner

The second of three volumes, on the Doctrine of Creation and Redemption, this is one of the great works of 20th-century theology.

ISBN: 9780227172186


In the realm of doctrine the Christian Church has always recognised a twofold task: one concerning the Church itself; the other concerning the outside world, the world of doubt and unbelief. Although, at a time like the present, the conflict with unbelief and false ideologies may seem the more urgent one, yet the first task is always fundamental. For how can the Church do justice to her missionary calling in an un-Christian world if she is not herself clear about the content of her message? All down her history the Christian Church has given much thought to the basis, meaning and content of the message she has received – and is bound to proclaim; this process of reflection is what we mean by ‘dogmatics’.
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Available in three volumes, this is one of the great works of 20th Century theology. Brunner presents a profoundly biblical systematic theology, finding a path between the ideas of Barth and Bultmann.

The second volume covers the doctrine of creation and redemption, discussing the central themes of the Creator and His Creation, Man’s place in Creation, Man’s sin and its consequences, and the person and work of Jesus Christ.

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About the Author

Dr. Emil Brunner was made Privatdozent at the University of Zurich at the age of 33, and later was appointed Professor of Systematic and Practical Theology. In 1953 he became Professor of Christian University, Tokyo (Japan) and in 1955 returned to Zurich.

He is also the author of: The Mediator (1934), Man in Revolt (1939), The Divine Imperative (1941), Justice and Social Order (1945), The Misunderstanding of the Church (1952), The Letter to the Romans (1959), The Great Invitation Zurich Sermons (1955) and I Believe in the Living God (1961).

All of the above titles have now been republished by The Lutterworth Press.



Part 2: The Historical Realization of the Divine Self-Communication
1. The Creator and His Creation
2. Man and Creation
3. Man as Sinner
4. The Consequences of Sin
5. Angels, Spirits and the Devil
6. Of Providence, Preservation, and God’s Government of the World
7. History and Saving History
8. The Law
9. The Fullness of Time
10. The Foundation of the Christian Faith
11. The Saving Work of God in Jesus Christ
12. The Person of Jesus Christ

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