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Reading Auschwitz with Barth

Reading Auschwitz with Barth:

The Holocaust as Problem and Promise for Barthian Theology

By Lindsay, Mark R.

An exploration of the problems posed by the Holocaust in the light of Barth's theology, showing how such a dialogue enriches our understanding of both.

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ISBN: 9780227902813
A Missiology of the Road

A Missiology of the Road:

Early Perspectives in David Bosch's Theology of Mission and Evangelism

By Livingston, J. Kevin

An in-depth study of the early work of the South African theologian David Bosch, showing the shaping of his distinctive and influential theology of mission.

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ISBN: 9780227174593

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ISBN: 9780227902691
Letters from the Pillar Apostles

Letters from the Pillar Apostles:

The Formation of the Catholic Epistles as a Canonical Collection

By Lockett, Darian R.

A study of the Catholic Epistles that views them not as isolated texts but as a collection unified by their canonical context within the New Testament.

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ISBN: 9780227176740

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ISBN: 9780227906507
Theology and Culture

Theology and Culture:

A Guide to the Discussion

By Long, D. Stephen

A concise and informative overview and analysis of how the idea of culture is used and understood in modern theology.

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ISBN: 9780227173251

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ISBN: 9780227903537
The Sovereignty of God Debate

The Sovereignty of God Debate

By Long, D. Stephen and Kalantzis, George (editors)

A collection of lectures from a variety of theological standpoints, offering a wide-ranging discussion of the nature of God's sovereignty over creation.

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ISBN: 9780227172964

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ISBN: 9780227903476
Gift and the Unity of Being

Gift and the Unity of Being

By López, Antonio

A treatise, combining classical theology and postmodern existentialist thought, on the gift of existence as the heart of the relation between God and creation.

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ISBN: 9780227174272

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ISBN: 9780227902196
The Mystical Theology of the Eastern Church

The Mystical Theology of the Eastern Church

By Lossky, Vladimir

The authoritative study of Eastern Orthodox theology, presenting a tradition in which doctrine and mystical experience are mutually supporting.

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Jesus and Marginal Women

Jesus and Marginal Women:

The Gospel of Matthew in Social-Scientific Perspective

By Love, Stuart L.

An illuminating study of gender inclusiveness and marginality in the Gospel of Matthew, using ideas and methods drawn from anthropology and the social sciences.

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ISBN: 9780227173169

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ISBN: 9780227903216
Jeremiah among the Prophets

Jeremiah among the Prophets

By Lundbom, Jack R.

An introduction to the Book of Jeremiah and the issues involved in its interpretation and understanding, written by a leading expert in the text.

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ISBN: 9780227174074

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ISBN: 9780227901762
Theology in Language, Rhetoric, and Beyond

Theology in Language, Rhetoric, and Beyond:

Essays in Old and New Testament

By Lundbom, Jack R.

Essays by the respected biblical scholar Jack R. Lundbom, united by the theme that theology is not merely a philosophical practice.

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ISBN: 9780227175118