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Church and Ethical Responsibility in the Midst of World Economy

Church and Ethical Responsibility in the Midst of World Economy:

Greed, Dominion, and Justice

By Chung, Paul S.

An in-depth study and critique of global capitalism from a theological point of view, emphasising the Church's responsibility as a defender of economic justice.

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ISBN: 9780227901564

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ISBN: 9780227901571
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ISBN: 9780227901557
The Hermeneutical Self and an Ethical Difference

The Hermeneutical Self and an Ethical Difference:

Intercivilizational Engagement

By Chung, Paul S.

A study of inter-civilisational hermeneutics drawing on diverse classical and modern sources to construct a new hermeneutical theory for a postcolonial age.

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ISBN: 9780227173817

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ISBN: 9780227901021

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ISBN: 9780227901038
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ISBN: 9780227901014
Karl Barth

Karl Barth:

God's Word in Action

By Chung, Paul S.

An insightful analysis of the writings of the German theologian Karl Barth, emphasising the political and social relevance of his thought.

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ISBN: 9780227172667

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ISBN: 9780227903230
Martin Luther and Buddhism

Martin Luther and Buddhism:

Aesthetics of Suffering

By Chung, Paul S.

A fruitful examination of the Lutheran theology of suffering in the context of the spiritual traditions of Asia.

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ISBN: 9780227172940

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ISBN: 9780227903292
Postcolonial Public Theology

Postcolonial Public Theology:

Faith, Scientific Rationality, and Prophetic Dialogue

By Chung, Paul S.

An examination of Christian public theology in a global context, offering a fresh approach that engages fully with the new postcolonial realities.

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ISBN: 9780227175767

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ISBN: 9780227905340
Asian Contextual Theology for the Third Millennium

Asian Contextual Theology for the Third Millennium:

Theology of Minjung in Fourth-Eye Formation

By Chung, Paul S., Karkkainen, Veli Matti and Kyoung-Jae, Kim (editors)

A collection of essays exploring the development of the Asian theology of minjung, and its role and influence in global Christian thinking.

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ISBN: 9780227173312

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ISBN: 9780227902998
Diverse and Creative Voices

Diverse and Creative Voices:

Theological Essays from the Majority World

By Chung, Sung Wook and Noelliste, Dieumeme (editors)

Essays by theologians from the Majority World that share a diversity of insights into Christian faith, developed from their own cultural perspectives.

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ISBN: 9780227175460

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ISBN: 9780227905159
The Cross and the Eternal Order

The Cross and the Eternal Order:

A Study of Atonement in its Cosmic Significance

By Clark, Henry William

A study of the doctrine of the Atonement from an Evangelical perspective.

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ISBN: 9780227170649

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ISBN: 9780227170632
Divine Revelation and Human Practice

Divine Revelation and Human Practice:

Responsive and Imaginative Inspiration

By Clark, Tony

A creative contribution to the doctrine of revelation, seeking an understanding of God's self-disclosure in the Church's participation in His Trinitarian life.

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ISBN: 9780227173138