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Historical titles on religion, including early and modern church history, social history, mission history, the history of religious ideas, and historical studies of religious figures.

Sin, Grace and Free Will

Sin, Grace and Free Will:

A Historical Survey of Christian Thought (Volume 2: From Anselm to the Reformation)

By Matthew Knell

The second of three volumes exploring the development of the concepts of sin, grace and free will in Christian theology, from the Middle Ages to the Reformation.

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ISBN: 9780227176078

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ISBN: 9780227176559

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Sino-Vatican Relations

Sino-Vatican Relations:

From Denunciation to Dialogue

By Ambrose Mong

An insightful examination of how the relationship between the Roman Catholic Church and Communist China has evolved over the years.

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ISBN: 9780227177020

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ISBN: 9780227177013

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ISBN: 9780227907023
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The Soul Sleepers

The Soul Sleepers:

Christian Mortalism from Wycliffe to Priestley

By Bryan W. Ball

A comprehensive survey of Reformation and post-Reformation thinkers who repudiated the medieval doctrine of the soul's immortality.

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ISBN: 9780227172605
The Story of Original Sin

The Story of Original Sin

By John E. Toews

An examination of how the story of Adam and Eve was interpreted in Jewish and early Christian traditions, and the growth of the doctrine of original sin.

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ISBN: 9780227174142

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ISBN: 9780227901922
The Story of the Bodmer Papyri

The Story of the Bodmer Papyri:

From the First Monastery's Library in Upper Egypt to Geneva and Dublin

By James M. Robinson

An exercise in bibliographical history, tracing the provenance of the Bodmer Papyri, one of the key collections of manuscripts relating to the New Testament.

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ISBN: 9780227172780

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ISBN: 9780227903506
Studies in Ancient Persia and the Achaemenid Period

Studies in Ancient Persia and the Achaemenid Period

By John Curtis (editor)

A collection of essays in memory of the curator and scholar Terence Mitchell, exploring the history and archaeology of Ancient Persia.

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Subversive Meals

Subversive Meals:

An Analysis of the Lord's Supper under Roman Domination during the First Century

By R. Alan Streett

Employing scriptural exegesis and historical and theological analysis, this is an astute study of the Lord's Supper as a political act against Roman dominion.

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ISBN: 9780227176153

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ISBN: 9780227905838
Theology and Society in Three Cities

Theology and Society in Three Cities:

Berlin, Oxford and Chicago, 1800–1914

By Mark D. Chapman

An exercise in the history of theology, showing how social, political and cultural change in the 19th century influenced three major theological centres.

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ISBN: 9780227679890

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ISBN: 9780227902479