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Books on ethics and social issues, including moral theology, environmental ethics, peace and pacifism, economic and social justice, and religion and politics.

Euthanasia and Patristic Tradition

Euthanasia and Patristic Tradition:

Reading John Damascene and Symeon the New Theologian on Christian Bioethics

By Ioannis Bekos

A critique of contemporary bioethical thought, drawing on the Patristic tradition to develop a Christian anthropology that offers an alternative approach to bioethics.

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ISBN: 9780227906958
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ISBN: 9780227906965
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ISBN: 9780227906941
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Facing the Other

Facing the Other:

John Paul II, Levinas, and the Body

By Nigel Zimmermann

A study of the theological and ethical significance of the body, creatively bringing into dialogue the writings of Karol Wojtyła and Emmanuel Levinas.

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ISBN: 9780227175705

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ISBN: 9780227905289
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The Greatness of Humility

The Greatness of Humility:

St Augustine on Moral Excellence

By Joseph J. McInerney

An exploration of Augustine's defence of humility as a key virtue in human greatness, showing how his case stands up to criticisms both ancient and modern.

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ISBN: 9780227176009

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ISBN: 9780227905586
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The Hermeneutical Self and an Ethical Difference

The Hermeneutical Self and an Ethical Difference:

Intercivilizational Engagement

By Paul S. Chung

A study of inter-civilisational hermeneutics drawing on diverse classical and modern sources to construct a new hermeneutical theory for a postcolonial age.

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ISBN: 9780227173817

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ISBN: 9780227901021
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ISBN: 9780227901038
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ISBN: 9780227901014
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Holy Spirit and Christian Ethics in the Theology of Klaus Bockmuehl

Holy Spirit and Christian Ethics in the Theology of Klaus Bockmuehl

By Annette M. Glaw

A comprehensive study of the theology of the German theologian Klaus Bockmuehl and his understanding of the role of the Holy Spirit in Christian ethical life.

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ISBN: 9780227174524

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ISBN: 9780227902622
£19.50 (RRP)
The Holy Spirit and the Renewal of All Things

The Holy Spirit and the Renewal of All Things:

Pneumatology in Paul and Jurgen Moltmann

By T. David Beck

An innovative investigation of the role of the Holy Spirit in Protestant theology, bringing into dialogue St Paul's pneumatology with that of Jurgen Moltmann.

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ISBN: 9780227173329

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ISBN: 9780227903179
£20.75 (RRP)
Hope and the Longing for Utopia

Hope and the Longing for Utopia:

Futures and Illusions in Theology and Narrative

By Daniel Boscaljon (editor)

Interdisciplinary essays examining religious and secular visions of utopia, offering a way past ideological certainty to a mature hope for future betterment.

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ISBN: 9780227175057

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ISBN: 9780227903902
£15.00 (RRP)
The HTML of Cruciform Love

The HTML of Cruciform Love:

Toward a Theology of the Internet

By John Frederick and Eric Lewellen (editors)

A timely and wide-ranging collection of essays exploring the theological implications of the internet and Christian engagement with digital media.

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ISBN: 9780227177303

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ISBN: 9780227907313
£16.50 (RRP)
In the Face of Death

In the Face of Death:

Thielicke – Theologian, Preacher, Boundary Rider

By Fabian F. Grassl

A new and compelling study of the theology of Helmut Thielicke through a biographical lens, focussing on his experiences of death and suffering.

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ISBN: 9780227177198