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Books on ecclesiology and the Church, including historical and modern studies of ecclesial identity, ecumenism, ecclesiological theology, and the role of the church in society.

The Church as Salt and Light

The Church as Salt and Light:

Path to an African Ecclesiology of Abundant Life

By Stan Chu Ilo, Joseph Ogbonnaya and Alex Ojacor (editors)

A thought-provoking series of essays by African scholars examining the theological and pastoral necessity of a distinctively African Christianity.

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ISBN: 9780227680087

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ISBN: 9780227901342
£14.75 (RRP)
The Church in an Age of Negligence

The Church in an Age of Negligence:

Ecclesiastical Structure and Problems of Church Reform 1700–1840

By Peter Virgin

A ground-breaking study of the status of the Anglican clergy and the challenges of church reform in the political and social environment of Georgian England .

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ISBN: 9780227679111
Church Reform and Leadership of Change

Church Reform and Leadership of Change

By Harald Askeland and Ulla Schmidt (editors)

Essays exploring the issues of change and reform in the modern Scandinavian churches, and the attendant challenges to church leadership and organisation.

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ISBN: 9780227176184

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ISBN: 9780227905852
£13.50 (RRP)
The Churchmanship of St Cyprian

The Churchmanship of St Cyprian

By G.S.M. Walker

An examination of the use by all parties at the time of the Reformation of Cyprian's writings to claim him as part of their own particular heritage.

Series: Library of Ecclesiastical History

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ISBN: 9780227171622

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ISBN: 9780227171615
Come Out from among Them, and Be Ye Separate, Saith the Lord

Come Out from among Them, and Be Ye Separate, Saith the Lord:

Separationism and the Believers' Church Tradition

By William H. Brackney and Evan L. Colford (editors)

A selection of papers from the 17th Believers' Church Conference, exploring the role of separationism in the development of the Believers' Churches.

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ISBN: 9780227177242

PDF eBook
ISBN: 9780227907252
£19.00 (RRP)
A Darkened Reading

A Darkened Reading:

A Reception History of the Book of Isaiah in a Divided Church

By Robert L. Knetsch

A challenging view of how church divisions have influenced competing approaches to biblical interpretation, using 19th-century Anglican debate as a model.

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ISBN: 9780227174951

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ISBN: 9780227903803
£17.00 (RRP)
Dialogue Derailed

Dialogue Derailed:

Joseph Ratzinger's War against Pluralist Theology

By Ambrose Mong

A critique of Joseph Ratzinger's opposition to religious pluralism, showing how it fails to engage with the experience of the church in Asia.

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ISBN: 9780227176405

PDF eBook
ISBN: 9780227906194
£26.50 (RRP)
Ecclesiology and the Scriptural Narrative of 1 Peter

Ecclesiology and the Scriptural Narrative of 1 Peter

By Patrick T. Egan

A study of 1 Peter, showing how the text's model of the Church, based on participation in Christ's atoning suffering, is influenced by the Old Testament.

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ISBN: 9780227176306

PDF eBook
ISBN: 9780227906064
£19.00 (RRP)
Ecclesiology in the Trenches

Ecclesiology in the Trenches:

Theory and Method under Construction

By Sune Fahlgren and Jonas Ideström (editors)

Essays introducing the reader to contemporary academic ecclesiology, revealing the thematic diversity and methodological richness of the modern discipline.

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ISBN: 9780227175774

PDF eBook
ISBN: 9780227905357
£15.00 (RRP)
Gazing on God

Gazing on God:

Trinity, Church and Salvation in Orthodox Thought and Iconography

By Andreas Andreopoulos

An original introduction to the theology and spirituality of the Orthodox Church through the imagery of its iconographic traditions.

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ISBN: 9780227174463

ePub eBook
ISBN: 9780227902509
£11.25 (RRP)

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ISBN: 9780227902516
£11.25 (RRP)
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