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Books on religious biography, including the lives of leading church figures, theologians, mystics and missionaries.

Geoffrey Fisher

Geoffrey Fisher:

Archbishop of Canterbury

By David Hein

An important biographical study of one of the major figures of post-war Anglicanism, and his role in the modernisation of the Church of England.

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ISBN: 9780227172957

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ISBN: 9780227903131
£15.50 (RRP)
Hindiyya, Mystic and Criminal, 1720–1798

Hindiyya, Mystic and Criminal, 1720–1798:

A Political and Religious Crisis in Lebanon

By Bernard Heyberger

An account of the life of the controversial mystic Hindiyya 'Ujaymi and what her story reveals of the religious and political climate of 18th-century Lebanon.

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ISBN: 9780227173886

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ISBN: 9780227901724
£16.69 (RRP)

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ISBN: 9780227901731
£16.69 (RRP)
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ISBN: 9780227901717
£22.25 (RRP)
In the Face of Death

In the Face of Death:

Thielicke – Theologian, Preacher, Boundary Rider

By Fabian F. Grassl

A new and compelling study of the theology of Helmut Thielicke through a biographical lens, focussing on his experiences of death and suffering.

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ISBN: 9780227177198

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ISBN: 9780227907207
£21.50 (RRP)
Letters of Ascent

Letters of Ascent:

Spiritual Direction in the Letters of Bernard of Clairvaux

By Michael C. Voigts

A study of the letters of the 12th-century Cistercian abbot Bernard of Clairvaux, revealing his use of the epistolatory form for spiritual guidance.

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ISBN: 9780227174418

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ISBN: 9780227902332
£16.50 (RRP)


The Enigma of the Reformation

By Robert Stupperich

An incisive scholarly study of the influential yet often neglected Reformation thinker Philip Melanchthon.

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ISBN: 9780227172445
Miguel de Unamuno's Quest for Faith

Miguel de Unamuno's Quest for Faith:

A Kierkegaardian Understanding of Unamuno's Struggle to Believe

By Jan E. Evans

An exploration of the existentialist faith of the Spanish philosopher and writer Miguel de Unamuno, heavily influenced by the Kierkegaardian tradition.

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ISBN: 9780227174364

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ISBN: 9780227902288
£14.50 (RRP)
Naked Faith

Naked Faith:

The Mystical Theology of Phoebe Palmer

By Elaine A. Heath

An analysis of the teachings of the largely forgotten 19th-century mystic Phoebe Palmer, seeing her as a major mystical thinker in the Wesleyan tradition.

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ISBN: 9780227173398

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ISBN: 9780227903315
£15.50 (RRP)
Notes from a Wayfarer

Notes from a Wayfarer

By Helmut Thielicke

The autobiography of the renowned German preacher, theologian and spiritual opponent of Nazism.

Series: Thielicke Library

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ISBN: 9780227679326
Pascal and Kierkegaard

Pascal and Kierkegaard:

A Study in the Strategy of Evangelism (2 Volume Set)

By Denzil G.M. Patrick

Incorporating biographical studies of both its subjects, this is a major study in the strategy of Christian evangelism as developed by two major figures.

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ISBN: 9780227172889

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ISBN: 9780227172117
Pascal and Kierkegaard

Pascal and Kierkegaard:

A Study in the Strategy of Evangelism (Volume I)

By Denzil G.M. Patrick

Volume I of a major study in the strategy of Christian evangelism as developed by two major figures, incorporating biographical studies of both its subjects.

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ISBN: 9780227172087

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ISBN: 9780227172070