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English Classical Scholarship

English Classical Scholarship:

Historical Reflections on Bentley, Porson and Housman

By C.O. Brink

An authoritative study of the development of English classical scholarship from 1500 to 1950, concentrating on the three giants: Bentley, Porson, and Housman.

PDF eBook
ISBN: 9780227900017
£17.75 + VAT
The English Connection

The English Connection:

The Puritan Roots of Seventh-Day Adventist Belief (2nd Edition)

By Bryan W. Ball

A guide to how 17th-century Puritan theology doctrines influenced the development of Seventh-Day Adventism.

ePub eBook
ISBN: 9780227902448
£14.63 + VAT

Kindle eBook
ISBN: 9780227902455
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PDF eBook
ISBN: 9780227902431
£19.50 + VAT
Eternal Blessedness for All?

Eternal Blessedness for All?:

A Historical-Systematic Examination of Schleiermacher's Understanding of Predestination

By Anette I. Hagan

An enlightening examination of how the pre-eminent 19th century theologian Friedrich Schleiermacher arrived at his position of universal salvation.

PDF eBook
ISBN: 9780227902226
£19.50 + VAT
An Ethiopian Reading of the Bible

An Ethiopian Reading of the Bible:

Biblical Interpretation of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church

By Keon-Sang An

A ground-breaking study of the interpretation of scripture in a distinctive Ethiopian framework, revealing the wealth of the tradition in a non-Western Church.

PDF eBook
ISBN: 9780227905494
£13.00 + VAT
Ethiopian Scribal Practice 1

Ethiopian Scribal Practice 1:

Plates for the Catalogue of the Ethiopic Manuscript Imaging Project

By Steve Delamarter and Melaku Terefe (editors)

An annotated collection of colour plates revealing fascinating detail about Ethiopian manuscripts and scribal practice.

Series: Ethiopic Manuscripts, Texts, and Studies

PDF eBook
ISBN: 9780227901649
£31.75 + VAT
Evangelicals and Culture

Evangelicals and Culture

By Doreen M. Rosman

A study of the society and culture of early nineteenth-century British evangelicalism, challenging the stereotype that evangelicals were anti-intellectual.

PDF eBook
ISBN: 9780227900987
£17.00 + VAT
Everything Is Sacred

Everything Is Sacred:

Spiritual Exegesis in the Political Theology of Henri de Lubac

By Bryan C. Hollon

An analysis of spiritual exegesis in the work of the French Roman Catholic theologian Henri de Lubac, and its relevance for debates in hermeneutics.

PDF eBook
ISBN: 9780227903094
£18.25 + VAT
Exclusion and Judgment in Fellowship Meals

Exclusion and Judgment in Fellowship Meals:

The Socio-historical Background of 1 Corinthians

By Lanuwabang Jamir

An exploration of the role of fellowship meals in the ancient world and their significance to Paul's theology of the Lord's Supper.

PDF eBook
ISBN: 9780227906163
£21.50 + VAT
Facing the Other

Facing the Other:

John Paul II, Levinas, and the Body

By Nigel Zimmermann

A study of the theological and ethical significance of the body, creatively bringing into dialogue the writings of Karol Wojtyla and Emmanuel Levinas.

PDF eBook
ISBN: 9780227905289
£21.50 + VAT
Faith, Form, and Fashion

Faith, Form, and Fashion:

Classical Reformed Theology and Its Postmodern Critics

By Paul Helm

An erudite and considered defence of the classical approach to theology within the Reformed tradition, in the light of recent postmodernist alternatives.

PDF eBook
ISBN: 9780227903773
£19.50 + VAT
Faithfulness and the Purpose of Hebrews

Faithfulness and the Purpose of Hebrews:

A Social Identity Approach

By Matthew J. Marohl

A new interpretation of the meaning and purpose of the Epistle to the Hebrews, employing the branch of social psychology known as social identity theory.

PDF eBook
ISBN: 9780227902158
£17.75 + VAT
The Fate of Saul's Progeny in the Reign of David

The Fate of Saul's Progeny in the Reign of David

By Cephas T.A. Tushima

A comprehensive investigation into the relationship between David and Saul's heirs, revealing David as morally problematic in his dealings with the Saulides.

PDF eBook
ISBN: 9780227900680
£22.75 + VAT
The Father Who Redeems and the Son Who Obeys

The Father Who Redeems and the Son Who Obeys:

Consideration of Paul's Teaching in Romans

By Svetlana Khobnya

An analysis of the scriptural basis of Paul's Epistle to the Romans, showing the Old Testament origins of his view of God as Father and Christ as Obedient Son.

PDF eBook
ISBN: 9780227902769
£13.50 + VAT
The Fifteen Confederates

The Fifteen Confederates

By Johann Eberlin von Günzburg and Geoffrey Dipple (editor)

A new translation of an important document of the German Reformation, a collection of pamphlets by the former Franciscan Johann Eberlin von Günzburg.

PDF eBook
ISBN: 9780227902899
£14.50 + VAT
Following Jesus in Invaded Space

Following Jesus in Invaded Space:

Doing Theology on Aboriginal Land

By Chris Budden

A theological discourse on the displacement of indigenous peoples, encouraging theological dialogue open to the voices and experience of the dispossessed.

PDF eBook
ISBN: 9780227903100
£15.50 + VAT
Forbidden Texts on the Western Frontier

Forbidden Texts on the Western Frontier:

The Christian Apocrypha in North American Perspectives

By Tony Burke (editor)

A diverse and enlightening selection of essays celebrating the richness of scholarship in contemporary North American Apocrypha studies.

PDF eBook
ISBN: 9780227905517
£24.00 + VAT
A Foreign and Wicked Institution?

A Foreign and Wicked Institution?:

The Campaign Against Convents in Victorian England

By Rene Kollar

An examination of the development of Roman Catholic and Anglican female religious orders in 19th-century Britain, and the prejudices that they encountered.

PDF eBook
ISBN: 9780227903117
£20.25 + VAT
The Forgiveness of Sins

The Forgiveness of Sins

By Tim Carter

An in-depth study of the forgiveness of sins as a central theme of early Christian theology, in the New Testament and the writings of the Church Fathers.

ePub eBook
ISBN: 9780227905647
£18.00 + VAT
The Bible in Ethiopia
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The Bible in Ethiopia (PB)
By Curt Niccum
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