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The Claim of Humanity in Christ

The Claim of Humanity in Christ:

Salvation and Sanctification in the Theology of T.B. and J.B. Torrance

By Radcliff, Alexandra S.

A treatise on the radical theology of salvation of T.B. and J.B. Torrance, expanding upon their themes and offering a reply to their critics.

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ISBN: 9780227176368

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ISBN: 9780227906156
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Thomas F. Torrance and the Church Fathers

Thomas F. Torrance and the Church Fathers:

A Reformed, Evangelical, and Ecumenical Reconstruction of the Patristic Tradition

By Radcliff, Jason Robert

An analysis of Scottish theologian T.F. Torrance's understanding of the teachings of the Church Fathers and how they intersect with the Reformed tradition.

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ISBN: 9780227175309

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ISBN: 9780227904688
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ISBN: 9780227904664
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Christian Empiricism

Christian Empiricism:

Studies in Philosophy and Religion

By Ramsey, Ian

A collection of articles and essays by the former Bishop of Durham exploring his approach to philosophy and theology and the relationship between them.

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ISBN: 9780227172919
The Word of Wisdom

The Word of Wisdom:

and the Creation of Animals in Africa

By Ranger, Shelagh

A unique exploration of the role of Nature in the theology of African faiths, covering all significant historical and modern traditions.

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ISBN: 9780227679869
The Web of Friendship

The Web of Friendship:

Nicholas Ferrar and Little Gidding

By Ransome, Joyce

A biographical study of the family environment of Nicholas Ferrer, whose ministry helped inspire the voluntarist tradition within the Church of England.

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ISBN: 9780227173480

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ISBN: 9780227900901
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ISBN: 9780227900918
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ISBN: 9780227900895
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Meditation and Piety in the Far East

Meditation and Piety in the Far East

By Reichelt, Karl Ludwig

A comprehensive examination by a leading Oriental scholar of the diverse religious traditions of East Asia, including Taoism, Confucianism, Buddhism and Yoga.

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ISBN: 9780227172353
Religion in Chinese Garment

Religion in Chinese Garment

By Reichelt, Karl Ludwig

Written by a leading authority on Chinese Buddhism, this book provides an unparalleled insight into Chinese religious life before the onset of communism.

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ISBN: 9780227172346
The Doubled Life of Dietrich Bonhoeffer

The Doubled Life of Dietrich Bonhoeffer:

Women, Sexuality, and Nazi Germany

By Reynolds, Diane

A study of the great German theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer analysing the role of the women in his life and his struggles with his sexuality.

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ISBN: 9780227176320

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ISBN: 9780227906088
$43.00 (RRP)
Traces of the Trinity

Traces of the Trinity:

Signs, Sacraments and Sharing God's Life

By Robinson, Andrew

A contribution to trinitarian theology, examining the nature of the Trinity and its significance for the Christian through semiotic concepts and methods.

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ISBN: 9780227174432

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ISBN: 9780227902387
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ISBN: 9780227902394
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ISBN: 9780227902370
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Soul Mentoring

Soul Mentoring:

Discover the Ancient Art of Caring for Others

By Robinson, David

An insightful exploration of the art of spiritual guidance, introducing and updating Gregory the Great's Pastoral Care for modern readers.

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ISBN: 9780227175866