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Conservative Revolutionaries

Conservative Revolutionaries:

Transformation and Tradition in the Religious and Political Thought of Charles Chauncy and Jonathan Mayhew

By Oakes, John S.

A new study of two New England preachers often portrayed as radical thinkers, revealing a traditionalist side to their theological and political beliefs.

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ISBN: 9780227176764

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ISBN: 9780227906521
£20.50 (RRP)
Jesus, Debt and the Lord's Prayer

Jesus, Debt and the Lord's Prayer:

First-Century Debt and Jesus' Intentions

By Oakman, Douglas E.

A study of how debt and the forgiveness of debt is a central concern in the life and teachings of Jesus, particularly enshrined in the Lord's Prayer.

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ISBN: 9780227175293

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ISBN: 9780227904657
£9.00 (RRP)

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ISBN: 9780227904633
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Forerunners of the Reformation

Forerunners of the Reformation:

The Shape of Late Medieval Thought

By Oberman, Heiko A.

A groundbreaking discussion of late medieval Christian thought, opening up the studies of specialists to a wider and more general audience.

Series: Library of Ecclesiastical History

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ISBN: 9780227170465

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ISBN: 9780227170458
A Semiotic Approach to the Theology of Inculturation

A Semiotic Approach to the Theology of Inculturation

By Orji, Cyril

An exploration of the applicability of semiotics to the theological and cultural challenges involved in spreading the gospel in Africa.

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ISBN: 9780227176610

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ISBN: 9780227906354
£16.50 (RRP)
Apostle Paul

Apostle Paul:

A Polite Bribe

By Orlando, Robert

A rethinking of St Paul's role in shaping the emerging Christian religion, emphasising his human, political and material interactions with his contemporaries.

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ISBN: 9780227175101

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ISBN: 9780227904053
£12.00 (RRP)
The Progress of Dogma

The Progress of Dogma

By Orr, James

A study of the development of doctrine in the unfolding history of the Christian church.

Series: Library of Ecclesiastical History

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ISBN: 9780227171929

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ISBN: 9780227171912
The Holy One of Israel

The Holy One of Israel:

Studies in the Book of Isaiah

By Oswalt, John N.

A selection of writings by an eminent evangelical scholar of the Old Testament, elaborating on the themes and messages present in the Book of Isaiah.

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ISBN: 9780227174838

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ISBN: 9780227902936
£14.50 (RRP)
The Kingdom of God and the Son of Man

The Kingdom of God and the Son of Man:

A Study in the History of Religion

By Otto, Rudolf

A masterful study of the person and work of Jesus by one of the most distinguished German theologians of the 20th century.

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ISBN: 9780227173107
As It Was in the Beginning

As It Was in the Beginning:

An Intertextual Analysis of New Creation in Galatians, 2 Corinthians, and Ephesians

By Owens, Mark D.

A study of the concept of 'new creation' in the Epistles of St Paul, setting it in the framework of Paul's understanding of the 'new exodus' theme in Isaiah.

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ISBN: 9780227176016

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ISBN: 9780227905593
£15.00 (RRP)