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Christian Theology and Religious Pluralism

Christian Theology and Religious Pluralism:

A Critical Evaluation of John Hick

By Nah, David S.

An illuminating critique of the theological basis of the philosopher John Hick's religious pluralism, in particular his views on traditional Christology.

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ISBN: 9780227680155

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ISBN: 9780227901663
£19.50 (RRP)
Jesus Through Many Eyes

Jesus Through Many Eyes:

Introduction to the Theology of the New Testament

By Neill, Stephen

A guide to New Testament theology, showing that the multiple depictions of Jesus conceal an underlying unity summed up as Resurrection-Spirit-Reconciliation.

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ISBN: 9780227170304

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ISBN: 9780227170298
Just Deceivers

Just Deceivers:

An Exploration of the Motif of Deception in the Books of Samuel

By Newkirk, Matthew

An in-depth study of the depiction of lies and deception in 1 and 2 Samuel, demonstrating a complexity of attitude towards falsehood in the text.

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ISBN: 9780227175507

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ISBN: 9780227905197
£15.25 (RRP)
Spirit of Liberality

Spirit of Liberality:

Collected Essays

By Newlands, George

A selection of essays by the Scottish theologian George Newlands, addressing a range of issues from a liberal theological perspective.

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ISBN: 9780227176412

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ISBN: 9780227906200
£20.50 (RRP)
Attending to the Wounds on Christ's Body

Attending to the Wounds on Christ's Body:

Teresa's Scriptural Vision

By Newman, Elizabeth

A study of the spiritual and scriptural journey of Teresa of Avila, offering theological and ecclesial resources to heal disunity in the modern church.

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ISBN: 9780227174036

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ISBN: 9780227901694
£16.50 (RRP)
The Bible in Ethiopia

The Bible in Ethiopia:

The Book of Acts

By Niccum, Curt

An analysis and reconstruction of the Ethiopian version of the Book of Acts, showing it to be very relevant to the study of the Greek text.

Series: Ethiopic Manuscripts, Texts, and Studies

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ISBN: 9780227174357

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ISBN: 9780227902271
£24.75 (RRP)
Jean Daniélou's Doxological Humanism

Jean Daniélou's Doxological Humanism:

Trinitarian Contemplation and Humanity's True Vocation

By Nicholas, Marc

A comprehensive study of the French Jesuit theologian and cardinal Jean Daniélou, emphasising the role of contemplation in his view of the unity of the person.

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ISBN: 9780227174043

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ISBN: 9780227901939
£17.00 (RRP)
Dynamic Oneness

Dynamic Oneness:

The Significance and Flexibility of Paul's One-God Language

By Nicholson, Suzanne

A study showing how, through the analysis of key passages in his epistles, Paul's theology was influenced by his understanding of the oneness of God.

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ISBN: 9780227173664

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ISBN: 9780227903063
£20.75 (RRP)
The Theology of Calvin

The Theology of Calvin

By Niesel, Wilhelm

The range and sweep of Calvin's theology have rarely been more comprehensively presented than in this book, recognised as essential by Reformation scholars.

Series: Library of Ecclesiastical History

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ISBN: 9780227172247

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ISBN: 9780227172230
Radical Embodiment

Radical Embodiment

By Nikkel, David H.

A theological exploration of human nature engaging with modernist and postmodernist thought, and emphasising the reality and significance of our physical being.

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ISBN: 9780227173534

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ISBN: 9780227903407
£15.50 (RRP)