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Revelation and Reconciliation

Revelation and Reconciliation:

An Angle on Modernity (Second Edition)

By Stephen N. Williams

An exploration of the tension in Western thought between the secular belief in human moral self-sufficiency and Christian belief in reconciliation in history.

Forthcoming Title
Expected: 25 Mar 2021
Print Hardback
ISBN: 9780227177389

Expected: 25 Mar 2021
Blind Evolution?

Blind Evolution?:

The Nature of Humanity and the Origin of Life

By David Frost

A challenging critique of contemporary Neo-Darwinism, advocating a new balance between science and spirituality in understanding creation.

Forthcoming Title
Expected: 27 May 2021
Print Paperback
ISBN: 9780227177112

Expected: 27 May 2021
Truth and Reality

Truth and Reality:

The Wisdom of St Bonaventure

By Douglas Dales

A study of Collations on the Hexaëmeron, the last work of Saint Bonaventure, and one of the most important texts of medieval theology.

Forthcoming Title
Expected: 29 Jul 2021
Print Paperback
ISBN: 9780227177334

Expected: 29 Jul 2021

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