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A Foreign and Wicked Institution?

A Foreign and Wicked Institution?:

The Campaign Against Convents in Victorian England

By Rene Kollar

An examination of the development of Roman Catholic and Anglican female religious orders in 19th-century Britain, and the prejudices that they encountered.

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ISBN: 9780227903117
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Forerunners of the Reformation

Forerunners of the Reformation:

The Shape of Late Medieval Thought

By Heiko A. Oberman

A groundbreaking discussion of late medieval Christian thought, opening up the studies of specialists to a wider and more general audience.

Series: Library of Ecclesiastical History

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ISBN: 9780227170465

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ISBN: 9780227170458
The Forgiveness of Sins

The Forgiveness of Sins

By Tim Carter

An in-depth study of the forgiveness of sins as a central theme of early Christian theology, in the New Testament and the writings of the Church Fathers.

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ISBN: 9780227176054

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ISBN: 9780227905647
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ISBN: 9780227905654
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ISBN: 9780227905630
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Formation for Knowing God

Formation for Knowing God:

Imagining God: At-One-ing, Transforming, for Self-Revealing

By F. Gerald Downing

A discussion of God's self-revelation in the Christian tradition, arguing that revelation is better understood in terms of faith rather than knowledge.

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ISBN: 9780227175477

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ISBN: 9780227905166
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The Foundations of New Testament Christology

The Foundations of New Testament Christology

By R.H. Fuller

A comprehensive and thorough survey of the place of Christ in Christian experience, confession and belief, based on the insights of international scholarship.

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ISBN: 9780227170762

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ISBN: 9780227170755
Free To Say No?

Free To Say No?:

Free Will and Augustine's Evolving Doctrines of Grace and Election

By Eric L. Jenkins

An analysis of how St Augustine's account of free will developed through his writings, showing the conceptual changes in his understanding of predestination.

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ISBN: 9780227174234

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ISBN: 9780227902134
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From Faith to Faith

From Faith to Faith:

John Wesley's Covenant Theology and the Way of Salvation

By Stanley J. Rodes

An insightful investigation into how John Wesley reworked the covenant theology of the Reformed tradition into a key element of his understanding of salvation.

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ISBN: 9780227174289

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ISBN: 9780227902202
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From Historical to Critical Post-Colonial Theology

From Historical to Critical Post-Colonial Theology:

The Contribution of John S. Mbiti and Jesse N.K. Mugambi

By Robert S. Heaney

An exploration of the writings of African theologians John Mbiti and Jesse Mugambi, and the emergence of a distinctive African voice in post-colonial theology.

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ISBN: 9780227175804

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ISBN: 9780227905388
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From Icons to Idols

From Icons to Idols:

Documents on the Image Debate in Reformation England

By David J. Davis

A selection of key historical texts from the debate over religious imagery during the English Reformation, with a commentary by a leading scholar in the field.

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ISBN: 9780227176290

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ISBN: 9780227906057
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From Jewish Prophet to Gentile God

From Jewish Prophet to Gentile God:

The Origins and Development of New Testament Christology

By Maurice Casey

An important contribution to the debate on the development of Christology in the apostolic era, tracing the evolution of the historical figure of Jesus.

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ISBN: 9780227679203