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Blind Evolution?

Blind Evolution?:

The Nature of Humanity and the Origin of Life

By David Frost

A challenging critique of contemporary Neo-Darwinism, advocating a new balance between science and spirituality in understanding creation.

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ISBN: 9780227906934
$77.99 (RRP)
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ISBN: 9780227906910
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The Blood of Christ in the Theology of William Tyndale

The Blood of Christ in the Theology of William Tyndale

By Ralph S. Werrell

Written by a leading authority on Tyndale's theology, this study of Christ's sacrifice in Tyndale's thought emphasises the originality of the English Reformer.

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ISBN: 9780227174876

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ISBN: 9780227903605
$24.99 (RRP)

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ISBN: 9780227903612
$24.99 (RRP)
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ISBN: 9780227903599
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Bodies, Borders, Believers

Bodies, Borders, Believers:

Ancient Texts and Present Conversations

By Anne Hege Grung, Marianne Bjelland Kartzow and Anna Rebecca Solev├ąg (editors)

An interdisciplinary collection of essays celebrating the work of the Norwegian theologian Turid Karlsen Seim, offering perspectives on her major themes.

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ISBN: 9780227175965

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ISBN: 9780227905548
$34.00 (RRP)
The Bondage of the Will

The Bondage of the Will

By Martin Luther

Luther's central work is one of the basic texts of the Reformation, expressing his belief in the all-encompassing nature of God's power.

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ISBN: 9780227674178
The Book of the Former Prophets

The Book of the Former Prophets

By Thomas W. Mann

A fascinating commentary on the books from Joshua to 2 Kings, emphasising their strengths as narrative literature and their significance for the modern world.

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ISBN: 9780227680100

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ISBN: 9780227901137
$38.00 (RRP)
The Books of Homilies

The Books of Homilies:

A Critical Edition

By Gerald Bray (editor)

A new edition of the three Books of Homilies, collections of model sermons produced by the Church of England during the reigns of Edward VI and Queen Mary.

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ISBN: 9780227175446

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ISBN: 9780227176238

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ISBN: 9780227905111
$35.99 (RRP)

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ISBN: 9780227905135
$35.99 (RRP)
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ISBN: 9780227905128
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Boundless Grandeur

Boundless Grandeur:

The Christian Vision of A.M. "Donald" Allchin

By David G.R. Keller (editor)

Essays, memories and poems celebrating the Anglican theologian Donald Allchin, including his ecumenical work and his passion for the monastic tradition.

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ISBN: 9780227175811

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ISBN: 9780227905395
$22.00 (RRP)
Buddhist-Christian Dialogue as Theological Exchange

Buddhist-Christian Dialogue as Theological Exchange:

An Orthodox Contribution to Comparative Theology

By Ernest M. Valea

An Eastern Orthodox perspective on the dialogue between Buddhism and Christianity, an exchange rooted in comparative theology enriching both traditions.

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ISBN: 9780227175545

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ISBN: 9780227905234
$23.00 (RRP)