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Exclusion and Judgment in Fellowship Meals

Exclusion and Judgment in Fellowship Meals:

The Socio-historical Background of 1 Corinthians

By Jamir, Lanuwabang

An exploration of the role of fellowship meals in the ancient world and their significance to Paul's theology of the Lord's Supper.

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ISBN: 9780227176375

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ISBN: 9780227906163
£21.50 (RRP)
When Prayer Takes Place

When Prayer Takes Place:

Forays into a Biblical World

By Janzen, J. Gerald, Strawn, Brent A. and Miller, Patrick D. (editors)

A collection of exegetical essays by the biblical scholar J. Gerald Janzen, exploring how the activity of prayer is presented in scripture.

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ISBN: 9780227176733

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ISBN: 9780227906491
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Free To Say No?

Free To Say No?:

Free Will and Augustine's Evolving Doctrines of Grace and Election

By Jenkins, Eric L.

An analysis of how St Augustine's account of free will developed through his writings, showing the conceptual changes in his understanding of predestination.

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ISBN: 9780227174234

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ISBN: 9780227902134
£12.00 (RRP)
Subversive Spirituality

Subversive Spirituality:

Transforming Mission through the Collapse of Space and Time

By Jensen, L. Paul

A study of the relationship between spirituality and mission in a world where the spatial and temporal aspects of life have become increasingly constricted.

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ISBN: 9780227173572

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ISBN: 9780227903513
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Biblical Knowing

Biblical Knowing:

A Scriptural Epistemology of Error

By Johnson, Dru

A rigorous examination of the epistemological issues raised by Scripture, and how a biblical approach to knowledge compares with that of modern philosophy.

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ISBN: 9780227174388

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ISBN: 9780227902301
£19.50 (RRP)
Seeking the Imperishable Treasure

Seeking the Imperishable Treasure:

Wealth, Wisdom, and a Jesus Saying

By Johnson, Steven R.

A revealing analysis of how a single saying of Jesus' was adapted and understood within the various theological traditions of the earliest Christians.

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ISBN: 9780227173244

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ISBN: 9780227903469
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Matthew Henry

Matthew Henry:

Pastoral Liturgy in Challenging Times

By Joo, Jong Hun

A study of the liturgical writings of the 18th-century Nonconformist minister Matthew Henry and their lessons for modern Christian worship.

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ISBN: 9780227176399

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ISBN: 9780227906187
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