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Leaning into the Future

Leaning into the Future:

The Kingdom of God in the Theology of Jurgen Moltmann and the Book of Revelation

By Poul F. Gutesen

An examination of eschatological themes in the Moltmann treatment of the Book of Revelation, constructively combining systematic theology and biblical studies.

Print Paperback
ISBN: 9780227173527

PDF eBook
ISBN: 9780227903247
£20.75 + VAT
Letters from the Pillar Apostles

Letters from the Pillar Apostles:

The Formation of the Catholic Epistles as a Canonical Collection

By Darian R. Lockett

A study of the Catholic Epistles that views them not as isolated texts but as a collection unified by their canonical context within the New Testament.

Print Paperback
ISBN: 9780227176740
Letters of Ascent

Letters of Ascent:

Spiritual Direction in the Letters of Bernard of Clairvaux

By Michael C. Voigts

A study of the letters of the 12th-century Cistercian abbot Bernard of Clairvaux, revealing his use of the epistolatory form for spiritual guidance.

Print Paperback
ISBN: 9780227174418

PDF eBook
ISBN: 9780227902332
£16.50 + VAT
Letters of Light

Letters of Light:

Passages from Ma'or va-shemesh

By Kalonymus Kalman Epstein of Kraków and Aryeh Wineman (translator)

A translation of and commentary on selected passages from one of the great Hasidic texts, spiritual homilies based on the Mosaic books.

Print Paperback
ISBN: 9780227175378

PDF eBook
ISBN: 9780227904886
£19.50 + VAT
Letters of Paul as Rituals of Worship, The

Letters of Paul as Rituals of Worship, The

By John Paul Heil

A reassessment of the role of Paul as a man of prayer and worship, placing his letters in their original context as epistolary rituals of worship.

Print Paperback
ISBN: 9780227680070

PDF eBook
ISBN: 9780227900710
£14.75 + VAT
Life in the Spirit

Life in the Spirit:

A Post-Constantinian and Trinitarian Account of the Christian Life

By Andréa D. Snavely

A vision of the Christian life grounded in a Christology in which the Spirit's presence and power are central to Jesus' life, death and resurrection.

Print Paperback
ISBN: 9780227175521

PDF eBook
ISBN: 9780227905210
£13.50 + VAT
Life of a Galilean Shaman, The

Life of a Galilean Shaman, The:

Jesus of Nazareth in Anthropological-Historical Perspective

By Pieter F. Craffert

An anthropological approach to the historical personage of Jesus, offering an intriguing and fruitful alternative to traditional historiographic methods.

Print Paperback
ISBN: 9780227173206

PDF eBook
ISBN: 9780227903254
£29.25 + VAT
Light to the Isles

Light to the Isles:

Mission and Theology in Celtic and Anglo-Saxon Britain

By Douglas Dales

A major study of the development of early English Church from a theological perspective, shedding new light on the early Anglo-Saxon missionaries.

Print Paperback
ISBN: 9780227173411
Like a Mighty Army?

Like a Mighty Army?:

The Salvation Army, the Church, and the Churches

By David W. Taylor

An exploration of the identity of the Salvation Army as an ecclesial body in the light of Karl Barth's ecumenical and ecclesiological theology.

Print Paperback
ISBN: 9780227175033

PDF eBook
ISBN: 9780227903889
£19.50 + VAT
Literary Construction of the Other in the Acts of the Apostles, The

Literary Construction of the Other in the Acts of the Apostles, The:

Charismatics, the Jews, and Women

By Mitzi J. Smith

An analysis of the Acts of the Apostles showing how the text uses its characterisation of the Other to reinforce the self-identity of the earliest Christians.

Print Paperback
ISBN: 9780227680223

PDF eBook
ISBN: 9780227900741
£12.25 + VAT
Literature and Sacrament

Literature and Sacrament:

The Sacred and the Secular in John Donne

By Theresa M. DiPasquale

A study of the poetics of Donne's secular and religious poetry in the context of 17th-century theories of representation and reception.

Print Hardback
ISBN: 9780227679678
Living without a Why

Living without a Why:

Mysticism, Pluralism, and the Way of Grace

By Paul O. Ingram

An exploration of the meaning of divine grace in a post-Christian world, drawing on Buddhist thought, process theology and the author's Lutheran background.

Print Paperback
ISBN: 9780227175262