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Jesus and the Son of Man

Jesus and the Son of Man

By A.J.B. Higgins

A study of the tension between early Christian belief and Jesus's teaching, and the question of how that teaching is reflected in the Gospel record.

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ISBN: 9780227172216
Jesus Monotheism

Jesus Monotheism:

Volume I: Christological Origins: The Emerging Consensus and Beyond

By Crispin Fletcher-Louis

Volume I of a work on the Christological beliefs of the first Christians, in which a monotheistic view of Jesus's divinity is traced back to early Jewish roots.

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ISBN: 9780227175781
Jesus Through Many Eyes

Jesus Through Many Eyes:

Introduction to the Theology of the New Testament

By Stephen Neill

A guide to New Testament theology, showing that the multiple depictions of Jesus conceal an underlying unity summed up as Resurrection-Spirit-Reconciliation.

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ISBN: 9780227170304

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ISBN: 9780227170298
Jesus, Debt and the Lord's Prayer

Jesus, Debt and the Lord's Prayer:

First-Century Debt and Jesus' Intentions

By Douglas E. Oakman

A study of how debt and the forgiveness of debt is a central concern in the life and teachings of Jesus, particularly enshrined in the Lord's Prayer.

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ISBN: 9780227175293

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ISBN: 9780227904657

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Jews and Anti-Judaism in Esther and the Church

Jews and Anti-Judaism in Esther and the Church

By Tricia Miller

An interpretation of the Book of Esther and how it relates to the morality of self-defence against violence, particularly in the case of modern Israel.

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ISBN: 9780227174470

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ISBN: 9780227902585

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ISBN: 9780227904770
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ISBN: 9780227902523
Joseph's Dilemma

Joseph's Dilemma:

'Honor Killing' in the Birth Narrative of Matthew

By Matthew J. Marohl

A study of the biblical account of Jesus's conception, emphasising the context of social conceptions of honour and shame then prevalent.

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ISBN: 9780227173268

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ISBN: 9780227903223
The Joshua Delusion?

The Joshua Delusion?:

Rethinking Genocide in the Bible

By Douglas S. Earl

A challenging analysis of the Book of Joshua, exploring the theological insight gained by seeing the genocidal slaughter by the Israelites as myth not history.

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ISBN: 9780227173763

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ISBN: 9780227902141
Just Deceivers

Just Deceivers:

An Exploration of the Motif of Deception in the Books of Samuel

By Matthew Newkirk

An in-depth study of the depiction of lies and deception in 1 and 2 Samuel, demonstrating a complexity of attitude towards falsehood in the text.

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ISBN: 9780227175507

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ISBN: 9780227905197
Justification in a Post-Christian Society

Justification in a Post-Christian Society

By Carl-Henric Grenholm and Göran Gunner (editors)

Essays navigating the social, ethical and theological challenges faced by the Lutheran tradition in today's culturally diverse, post-Christian milieu.

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ISBN: 9780227175231

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ISBN: 9780227904473

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ISBN: 9780227904459