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Groundless Gods

Groundless Gods:

The Theological Prospects of Post-Metaphysical Thought

By Hartmut von Sass and Eric E. Hall (editors)

An anthology of essays that explores the intriguing possibilities of a theology that transcends traditional metaphysical forms of discourse.

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ISBN: 9780227174982

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ISBN: 9780227903834
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A Guide to Glastonbury's Temple of the Stars

A Guide to Glastonbury's Temple of the Stars

By K.E. Maltwood

An account of the author's discovery of prehistoric man-made ground patterns in the Glastonbury area and their zodiacal significance.

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ISBN: 9780227678671
Guns and Gospel

Guns and Gospel:

Imperialism and Evangelism in China

By Ambrose Mong

An exploration of the history of Christian missionary work in China, and its often ambiguous and uneasy relationship with European imperialism.

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ISBN: 9780227176252

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ISBN: 9780227905975
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ISBN: 9780227905982
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ISBN: 9780227905968
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