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Transforming Visions

Transforming Visions:

Transformations of Text, Tradition, and Theology in Ezekiel

By Tooman, William A. and Lyons, Michael A. (editors)

Essays on the creative reuse of older materials in the Book of Ezekiel, revealing the textual transforms the traditions of Exilic and post-Exilic Israel.

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ISBN: 9780227173688

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ISBN: 9780227903551
£20.75 (RRP)
Puritans, the Millennium and the Future of Israel

Puritans, the Millennium and the Future of Israel:

Puritan Eschatology 1600 to 1660

By Toon, Peter (editor)

An important study of the origins of post- and pre-millennialism in English theology, with particular reference to the Puritan movement of the 17th Century.

Series: Library of Ecclesiastical History

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ISBN: 9780227171462

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ISBN: 9780227171455

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ISBN: 9780227900048
£18.25 (RRP)
The Heart Has Its Reasons

The Heart Has Its Reasons:

Towards a Theological Anthropology of the Heart

By Tóth, Beáta

An exploration of an often neglected area of theological anthropology – the unity of human emotion and reason embodied in the Biblical concept of the heart.

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ISBN: 9780227175873

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ISBN: 9780227905456
£13.00 (RRP)
A Portrait of Richard Graves

A Portrait of Richard Graves

By Tracy, Clarence

An engaging biography of the 18th-century English novelist and country cleric, illustrating the parallels between his life and his literary works.

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ISBN: 9780227678985
The Fate of Saul's Progeny in the Reign of David

The Fate of Saul's Progeny in the Reign of David

By Tushima, Cephas T.A.

A comprehensive investigation into the relationship between David and Saul's heirs, revealing David as morally problematic in his dealings with the Saulides.

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ISBN: 9780227680360

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ISBN: 9780227900680
£22.75 (RRP)