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Eloquence Divine

Eloquence Divine:

In Search of God's Rhetoric

By Arrington, Philip

A study of God as a rhetorical actor in the narratives of the Bible, showing how a distinctive divine rhetoric influences the events of scripture.

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ISBN: 9780227906767
£19.00 (RRP)
Church Reform and Leadership of Change

Church Reform and Leadership of Change

By Askeland, Harald and Schmidt, Ulla (editors)

Essays exploring the issues of change and reform in the modern Scandinavian churches, and the attendant challenges to church leadership and organisation.

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ISBN: 9780227176184

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ISBN: 9780227905852
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Divine Essence and Divine Energies

Divine Essence and Divine Energies:

Ecumenical Reflections on the Presence of God in Eastern Orthodoxy

By Athanasopoulos, C. and Schneider, C. (editors)

Essays exploring, from a multiplicity of viewpoints, the philosophical and theological dimensions of the essence-energy distinction in Orthodox Christianity.

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ISBN: 9780227173862

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ISBN: 9780227900086
£16.69 (RRP)

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ISBN: 9780227900109
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ISBN: 9780227900123
£22.25 (RRP)
The New Testament in Its Literary Environment

The New Testament in Its Literary Environment

By Aune, David E.

An introduction to the literary forms of New Testament and early Christian writings in the context of the literature of the Judaic and Hellenistic traditions.

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ISBN: 9780227679104