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Oh, That You Would Rend the Heavens and Come Down!

Oh, That You Would Rend the Heavens and Come Down!:

The Eschatological Theology of Third Isaiah (Isaiah 56–66)

By Abraham Sung-Ho Oh

A revelatory study of Isaiah 56-66, showing how the theology implicit in the text forms a coherent whole expressing strong eschatological and covenantal themes.

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ISBN: 9780227175088

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ISBN: 9780227903995
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Old Testament in the World Church, The

Old Testament in the World Church, The

By Godfrey E. Phillips

A study of the way in which the Old Testament is viewed in the developing churches of the Third World.

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ISBN: 9780227171141

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ISBN: 9780227171134
Old Testament Since the Reformation, The

Old Testament Since the Reformation, The

By Emil G. Kraeling

A study of the issues raised by the Old Testament for Christian faith and the Church, and a survey of attitude to the Old Testament since the Reformation.

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ISBN: 9780227170946

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ISBN: 9780227170939
Old Testament Theology

Old Testament Theology

By Ludwig Koehler

An outstanding work of biblical theology, long prized by scholars, is indispensable for a thorough understanding of the concepts of the Old Testament.

Series: Library of Theological Translations

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ISBN: 9780227172285

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ISBN: 9780227172278
On Kierkegaard and the Truth

On Kierkegaard and the Truth

By Paul L. Holmer

An examination of the subtleties of Kierkegaard's understanding of philosophical truth by one of the twentieth century's leading Kierkegaard scholars. .

Series: The Paul L. Holmer Papers

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ISBN: 9780227680049

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ISBN: 9780227901199
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On Poetry

On Poetry

By Giovanni Antonio Viperano

A significant Renaissance work of poetics, covering the historical development, poetic theoretical, and the practicalities of reading and writing poetry.

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ISBN: 9780227678961
On the Trinity

On the Trinity:

English Translation and Commentary

By Richard of Saint Victor and Ruben Angelici

Available in English for the first time, this influential work on the doctrine of the Trinity offers fascinating insights into the medieval Augustinian tradition.

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ISBN: 9780227679975

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ISBN: 9780227900567
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One and the Three, The

One and the Three, The:

Nature, Person and Triadic Monarchy in the Greek and Irish Patristic Tradition

By Chrysostom Koutloumousianos

A fertile study of convergences in early monastic thought in Ireland and Byzantine Greece, revealing theological insights into ecclesiology and the Trinity.

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ISBN: 9780227175149

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ISBN: 9780227904190
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ISBN: 9780227904176
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One God, The

One God, The:

A Critically Developed Evangelical Doctrine of Trinitarian Unity

By Michael L. Chiavone

A contribution to the literature on the doctrine of the Trinity critically examining modern theological models to recognise and understanding God's unity.

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ISBN: 9780227173626

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ISBN: 9780227903339
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One Path for All

One Path for All:

Gregory of Nyssa on the Christian Life and Human Destiny

By Rowan A. Greer and J. Warren Smith

Essays and translations of Gregory of Nyssa original writings, identifying the ultimate unity of humanity in Christ as one of his key themes .

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ISBN: 9780227175347
Alcuin (Bk 2, PB)
By Douglas Dales
$51.50 $46.35
When Prayer Takes Place
When Prayer Takes Place (PB)
By J. Gerald Janzen, Brent A. Strawn and Patrick D. Miller (editors)