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Angelology (PB)
By Dylan David Potter
He Ascended into Heaven, by John Gordon Davies

He Ascended into Heaven

By John Gordon Davies


A key theological work in the doctrine of the Ascension that deals with the origin and significance of the Apostles' Creed.

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Available as: Paperback

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Print Paperback 27.00
ISBN: 9780227172315
Specifications: 216x140mm, 224pp
Publication: March 2004

About this Book

This Bampton Lecture series of 1958 provides an illuminating exposition on the Ascension, which as J.G. Davies asserts, has been a greatly neglected article of the creed.

Davies thoroughly examines the Biblical material before following the history of the doctrine and its development from the period of the ante-Nicean Church, through the Carolingian Renaissance to the reforming monastic movements of the eleventh and twelfth centuries. He also gives a systematic commentary on the Ascension doctrine as it may reasonably be held and taught today.

This is an important theological work in the doctrine of the Ascension that deals with the origin and significance of the Apostles Creed.



1. The Old Testament Prefigurement
2. The New Testament Record I
3. The New Testament Record II
4. The Teaching of the Ante-Nicene Church
5. The Age of Conciliar Creeds
6. The First Sermons
7. Later Greek and Latin Writers
8. He Ascended into Heaven

Table A Parallels between Tobit 12 and Luke 24
Table B Parallels between Luke 9 and Acts 1
Table C Parallels between Luke 24 and Acts 1
Table D Parallels between Mark 16:920 and Luke 24
Table E Parallels between I Kings 19 and Acts
Table F The Ascension Sermons of St Augustine

Appended Note I The Observance of Ascension Day
Appended Note II Early English Homilies


   Preface » (PDF, 108 KB)
   Extract from Chapter 3: The New Testament Record II » (PDF, 256 KB)
   Extract from Chapter 6: The First Sermons » (PDF, 341 KB)

About the Author

Reverend John Gordon Davies was educated at King's School (Chester), Christ Church (Oxford) and Westcott House (Cambridge). He worked in the dockland parish of Rotherhithe and as Professor in Theology at the University of Birmingham. He was also Director of the Institute for the Study of Worship and Religious Architecture in the University.

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