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Becoming Human Again
Becoming Human Again (PB)
By Bengt Kristensson Uggla and Daniel M. Olson (translator)
The Books of Homilies, by Gerald Bray (editor)

The Books of Homilies

A Critical Edition

By Gerald Bray (editor)


A compilation of the Books of Homilies, collections of model sermons produced by the Church of England during the 16th century, and which offer an enduring insight into Anglican doctrine of the period.

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Available as: Hardback, Paperback, ePub, Kindle, PDF
Print Hardback 85.00
ISBN: 9780227175446
Specifications: 234x156mm, 600pp
Publication: January 2016
Print Paperback New Title 30.00
ISBN: 9780227176238
Specifications: 234x156mm, 600pp
Publication: November 2016
ePub eBook 61.13 + VAT
ISBN: 9780227905111
Publication: January 2016
Kindle eBook
ISBN: 9780227905135
Publication: January 2016
PDF eBook 81.50 + VAT
ISBN: 9780227905128
Specifications: 569pp
Publication: January 2016

About this Book

The two Books of Homilies, along with the Book of Common Prayer and the Ordinal, have been basic documents of the Church of England, and are valuable in showing Anglican doctrine during the Reformation, as well as being of considerable historical importance.

The first book, published in 1547, early in the reign of Edward VI, was partly though not entirely the work of Archbishop Thomas Cranmer, and the inspiration appears to have been his. This was intended to raise the standards of preaching by offering model sermons covering particular doctrinal and pastoral themes, either to be read (particularly by unlicensed clergy) or to provide preachers with additional material for their own sermons.

The success of the venture led Bishop Edmund Bonner, who had contributed to Cranmer's book, to produce his own Book of Homilies in 1555, during the reign of Queen Mary. The Second Book of Homilies, published in 1563 (and in a revised form in 1571) appears in turn to have been influenced both by Cranmer's and by Bonner's books.

The present edition brings together all three books, edited and introduced by Revd Dr Gerald Bray.


Biblical and Other Ancient Names

The First Book of Homilies
Bishop Bonner's Homilies
The Second Book of Homilies

Subject Index
Names Index
Scripture Index
Author Index

   Full List of Contents » (PDF, 59 KB)


   Introduction » (PDF, 90 KB)
   First Book, Chapter 9: An Exhortation Against the Fear of Death » (PDF, 118 KB)
   Bishop Bonner, Chapter 3: The Homily of the Redemption of Man » (PDF, 56 KB)
   Second Book, Chapter 7: An Homily or Sermon Concerning Prayer » (PDF, 99 KB)

About the Editor

The Reverend Dr Gerald Bray (PhD, Paris-Sorbonne) was the Professor of Anglican Studies at Beeson Divinity School, and is now a research professor there. He is also Director of Research at the Latimer Trust. Among his other work he is the editor of Documents of the English Reformation (James Clarke, 1994, second edition 2004).

Reviews and Comments

"The Homilies are of major significance for understanding Church of England doctrine and discipline at the Reformation. We are in Gerald Bray's debt for this new critical edition for a modern readership, which at last moves us beyond the familiar Victorian reprints. It is a perfect combination of careful scholarship and accessibility, and essential reading for every serious student of Anglicanism."
Andrew Atherstone, Latimer Research Fellow, Wycliffe Hall, Oxford

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