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Abiding Faith

Abiding Faith:

Christianity Beyond Certainty, Anxiety, and Violence

By Scott Cowdell

An investigation into how the concept and expression of religious faith has changed under the influence of modernism and Western culture, pointing the way towards a more authentic form of faith as a "way of life".

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ISBN: 9780227902974
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Attending to the Wounds on Christ's Body

Attending to the Wounds on Christ's Body:

Teresa's Scriptural Vision

By Elizabeth Newman

A study of the spiritual and scriptural journey of St Teresa of Ávila, showing how the lives and work of the saints can provide the theological and ecclesial resources to heal the wounds of disunity in the modern church.

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ISBN: 9780227174036

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ISBN: 9780227901694
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Communicating the Faith Indirectly

Communicating the Faith Indirectly:

Selected Sermons, Addresses, and Prayers

By Paul L. Holmer

A selection of sermons, addresses and other writings by the late American theologian and Kierkegaard scholar Paul L. Holmer, united around the themes of communication, liturgy and the ministry. Edited by David J. Gouwens and Lee C. Barrett III.

Series: The Paul L. Holmer Papers

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ISBN: 9780227174111

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ISBN: 9780227901892
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Drinking from the Wells of New Creation

Drinking from the Wells of New Creation:

The Holy Spirit and the Imagination in Reconciliation

By Kerry Dearborn

An exploration of the capacity of the Holy Spirit to transform the imagination, showing this to be the key to the Christian calling to reconciliation, both with God and with each other.

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ISBN: 9780227174999

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ISBN: 9780227903841
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God, Man and the Church

God, Man and the Church:

The Spiritual Foundations of Life

By Vladimir Solovyev and Donald Attwater (translator)

A classic work of ecclesiastical theology by one of the pre-eminent Russian theologians of the late 19th-century.

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ISBN: 9780227176283
Gospel of Sufferings

Gospel of Sufferings

By Søren Kierkegaard

The only English translation of one of the great Danish thinker's most important spiritual writings, distilling together his insights as mystic, theologian and precursor to the existentialist philosophers.

Series: Library of Theological Translations

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ISBN: 9780227674680

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Heresy and Mysticism in 16th Century Spain

Heresy and Mysticism in 16th Century Spain:

The Alumbrados

By Alastair Hamilton

The first full-scale study of an often-discussed but little understood heresy, the Alumbrados or 'Illuminated Ones', whose heterodox and sometimes extreme practices of mysticism and piety resulted in their suppression by the Spanish Inquisition.

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ISBN: 9780227679210
Hindiyya, Mystic and Criminal, 1720–1798

Hindiyya, Mystic and Criminal, 1720–1798:

A Political and Religious Crisis in Lebanon

By Bernard Heyberger

An examination of the life of the controversial mystic Hindiyya 'Ujaymi and what her story reveals of the religious and political climate of eighteenth-century Lebanon. Translated by Renee Champion.

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ISBN: 9780227173886

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Holy Trinity: Holy People

Holy Trinity: Holy People:

The Theology of Christian Perfecting

By T.A. Noble

An examination and elaboration of John Wesley's understanding of the notion of Christian perfection, building upon Wesley's insights to develop a trinitarian theology of sanctification for the modern world.

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ISBN: 9780227174135

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ISBN: 9780227901915
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