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J. Armitage Robinson

J. Armitage Robinson:

Eccentric, Scholar and Churchman 1858–1933

By T.F. Taylor

Study of a 20th-century British cleric, covering his role in reconciling the Anglican and Roman Catholic Churches, and his biblical and historical scholarship.

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ISBN: 9780227679135
Jean Daniélou's Doxological Humanism

Jean Daniélou's Doxological Humanism:

Trinitarian Contemplation and Humanity's True Vocation

By Marc Nicholas

A comprehensive study of the French Jesuit theologian and cardinal Jean Daniélou, emphasising the role of contemplation in his view of the unity of the person.

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ISBN: 9780227174043

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ISBN: 9780227901939
$34.00 + VAT
Jeremiah 48 as Christian Scripture

Jeremiah 48 as Christian Scripture

By Julie Woods

An insightful contribution to Old Testament studies, showing how the bloodthirsty oracle of Jeremiah 48 contains a positive Christian reading.

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ISBN: 9780227173787

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ISBN: 9780227903193
$36.50 + VAT
Jeremiah among the Prophets

Jeremiah among the Prophets

By Jack R. Lundbom

An introduction to the Book of Jeremiah and the issues involved in its interpretation and understanding, written by a leading expert in the text.

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ISBN: 9780227174074

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ISBN: 9780227901762
$29.00 + VAT
Jesus after Modernity

Jesus after Modernity:

A Twenty-First-Century Critique of Our Modern Concept of Truth and the Truth of the Gospel

By James P. Danaher

A study of how replacing Enlightenment concepts of objectivity with a more ambiguous postmodern understanding allows speech about the truth of the Gospel.

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ISBN: 9780227680018

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ISBN: 9780227900475
$24.50 + VAT
Jesus and Identity

Jesus and Identity:

Reconstructing Judean Ethnicity in Q

By Markus Cromhout

A new approach to understanding cultural and ethnic identity in 1st Century Judea, with reference to the form of Judaism presupposed by the Q document.

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ISBN: 9780227173220

PDF eBook
ISBN: 9780227903209
$58.50 + VAT
Jesus and Magic

Jesus and Magic:

Freeing the Gospel Stories from Modern Misconceptions

By Richard A. Horsley

A compelling re-examination of the Gospel miracle stories, arguing that modern interpretations depicting them as 'magical' misconstrue their original context.

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ISBN: 9780227175255

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ISBN: 9780227904534
$18.00 + VAT

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ISBN: 9780227904510
$24.00 + VAT
Jesus and Marginal Women

Jesus and Marginal Women:

The Gospel of Matthew in Social-Scientific Perspective

By Stuart L. Love

An illuminating study of gender inclusiveness and marginality in the Gospel of Matthew, using ideas and methods drawn from anthropology and the social sciences.

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ISBN: 9780227173169

PDF eBook
ISBN: 9780227903216
$36.50 + VAT
Jesus and the Cross

Jesus and the Cross:

Necessity, Meaning, and Atonement

By Peter Laughlin

A novel investigation of the meaning of atonement centered on the often-neglected question of Jesus's intention in submitting to his crucifixion.

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ISBN: 9780227174968

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ISBN: 9780227904374
$25.50 + VAT

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ISBN: 9780227904381
$34.00 + VAT
Jesus and the Son of Man

Jesus and the Son of Man

By A.J.B. Higgins

A study of the tension between early Christian belief and Jesus's teaching, and the question of how that teaching is reflected in the Gospel record.

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ISBN: 9780227172223
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When Prayer Takes Place
When Prayer Takes Place (PB)
By J. Gerald Janzen, Brent A. Strawn and Patrick D. Miller (editors)